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"I ask of you, what is there that faith can't overcome? We have survived monsters, imperial oppression, and the ceaseless perils of this modern world by staying true to our beliefs." -High Priest Guppy Yoho, 896, 4th Cycle
Fish folk of the Finver Islands, for hundreds of years the kuo-toa were under the control of the Elflands Empire until its collapse during the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897 of the 4th Cycle. Now under the leadership of the human-majority merchant kingdom of Sardivelia, the kuo-toas are finding themselves interacting with the global community in unprecedented numbers. Devout believers and clerics, many kuo-toa have taken this change in government as an opportunity to travel the world and spread tales of their gods and culture. Others feel their calling closer to home, eager to reform the neglected villages of the Finver Islands and establish a powerful nation-state of kuo-toas.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The Finver Islands in Southern Pescat are the only region of the world where kuo-toas are found in large numbers, the majority race in the archipelago and founders of the city of Oridelfa. Neglected by the leaders of the Elflands Empire for hundreds of years, the human nation of Sardivelia has followed suit by allocating little money to repairing ots ruined islands. This government neglect has made it difficult for the region to compete with wealthier cities and towns, but the lack of government oversight has allowed kuo-toa culture to flourish and thrive.
  • Some kuo-toa have been found aboard Sardivelian shipping vessels as merchants and healers, but such sightings are rare compared to gnomish or bullywug encounters at sea. Many kuo-toa enjoy the strength of their communities in the Finver Islands, and only a higher calling can convince them to travel beyond their homelands.
  • A small population of kuo-toa live in the remnants of the elven Kiri Clan in the Northern Territories, operating as freelance sailors and merchants in the region. More secular than their kin to the south, the Kiri Clan's kuo-toa have spent years learning hold to make a living in a society organized against them.
50 yrs.
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Locathah

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