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Juliet Keeper

An elven wizard from the former Elflands Empire. Raised on stories of the The Magus Collective, she studied the mysterious arts of chronomancy to find ways to travel through time and join the powerful spellcasters of the Elflands' glory days.   Juliet's control over time helped her escape the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897, vanishing from her home town of Galway seconds before the monstrous deity's sahuagin horde breached the city gates. Many assumed she was a victim of Galway's massacre, but she reappeared in town two years later to the day looking shellshocked and aged. She refused to say where she'd been, sheltering in her study in the center of town and throwing herself into her arcane studies and lore. She was found dead in her home in the spring of 900, her laboratory in ruins and spell scrolls ransacked. The cause of death was officially labeled 'overwork/exhaustion', but some believed foul play was involved.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Wizard, School of Chronomancy
259 900 641 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed under mysterious circumstances


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