Zell'hain Orcs

Written by Tytrius

Naming Traditions

Family names

There are many names used by the Zell'hain Orcs. Some very old, some quite new. They are often inspired by a mix of tradition and the world around them. This leads to quite a diverse range of names among the Zell'hain but this is mostly true only of the given names.   Family names follow more of a trend and are usually a reflection of their deities, Vax'hain & Zell'via.   Common family names include;   Jor'karr Nat'wold Zek'thra Pol'thir


Major language groups and dialects

The orcs speak mostly in Orc, though it is a native dialect and not exactly like the Orc that is spoken on the mainland or Eidamir. Knowing one is usually enough to be able to interact with the other and once you have spent a small amount of time with them it's easy for an Orc speaker to start understanding the differences between the two dialects.   They are also known to be able to speak Primordial, although potentially not to any great extent. The island they inhabit is also home to a race know as the Tlaloc who do speak almost exclusively in Primordial and thus we can surmise that they have learnt the odd bit of Primordial from their interactions with the Tlaloc .

Shared customary codes and values

The Zell'hain orcs are the last known followers of Vax'hain and Zell'via , the two deities which are said to have given birth to the stars and the music. It is from these deities that the orcs take their name. The orcs believe in balance in all things, that their is suffering in the world but that there has to be for beauty and joy to be truly appreciated and that with out suffering, life itself would be without meaning.   They believe in freedom, joy and chaotic creation of art in the individual whilst knowing that to thrive and appreciate the world it must be shared and that they have a duty to each other and to the island itself.

Art & Architecture

Art is an important facet to the Zell'hain Orcs way of life. It is an expression of devotion to the deity Zell'via .   This is mostly clearly seen in their village. It would surprise most to find out that Orcs lived there. It is highly decorated with wood carvings and sculptures. Common, everyday items are often carefully crafted to not only fulfill a purpose but to display beauty. It is the idea of Vax and Zell. Vax; That an item should be strong, useful and reliable. And Zell; That is should bring joy and pleasure to use and to look at. It is because of this that the orcs create things to last. Their buildings have stood for a long time and their sculptures and carvings are blessed and maintained so they last the ages. Even their weapons are ornately designed.   Among the orcs you will also find many painters, musicians, landscapers and calligraphers. The work that these artist create is often very unique and can be found decorating many of the orcs homes. It is rare to find a Zell'hain Orc without an artistic streak.


Gender Ideals

When it comes to work there is no divide between male and female, both are known to hunt, forage, fish, craft, take care of the young and the old and maintain the village.

Significant presence in


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