Teachings of Nike

There are two sets of instruction that we follow while under Nike. If you have not taken your oath, you will only be subject to the first, being the teachings of life. Knowing the Personal Victories for you self, aiding of others in their own victories, as well being honest in your intentions. Should you seek to serve Nike as a Spear or Shield sister, you will also be subject to the second set of instructions which outline the general expectations of conduct during conflict.  

Teaching of Life:

These lessons are held as the core principles to the Temple of Nike. It is taught and believed that if all people followed the simple teachings to life there would be no conflict that cannot be quickly resolved. For this reason Acolytes are encouraged to share the teachings of life to any that are ignorant of the Temple or its purpose.   Know what you Desire: Everyone has something they want, it might change from one moment to another, yet a true desire shapes and defines everything that we do. That true desire must be known to you. Always reflect on what you have achieved, what you have done to do so, and if it helps to reach your own desires. If it does not, alter and improve your actions to work towards your victories.   Aid Others: Noncombatants should be made aware of their own personal victories. If it does not conflict with your own, help them whenever it is within your power to do so. Communication, cooperation, and understanding are essential to maintaining a peaceful society.   Honesty: Speak only the truth. Discretion may be necessary to maintain peace, yet to not abuse this fact. If it is in your power, and poses little risk of jeopardizing your ability to obtaining your personal victories, remain honest always with yourself and others.  

Teaching of War:

The purpose of the Teaching of Nike is to prevent unnecessary suffering, safeguard certain fundamental Humanoid rights of those involved in a conflict, and to ultimately restore peace. As you likely know war became a cultural event, studied from both political and philosophical perspectives. Around the world all civilizations have begun to realize that unlimited warfare is counterproductive to most social objectives. Sometimes necessity justifies the employment of violence to obtain the submission of the enemy or to reach that certain military objective. However, the actions against the enemy or the objective must not violate the teachings of Nike in regards to the teaching of war.   Avoid Unnecessary Suffering: We do not strike first in any single violent conflict. Keeping that in mind, suffering will never be eliminated from war. What we must ensure is that our decisions and actions minimize unnecessary suffering to the enemy as well as to any civilians and noncombatants involved. This principle should be considered even in acts such as the destruction of property that is relevant to the mission. All of our actions during the engagement as well as our subsequent interaction with the enemy and noncombatants should be guided by this principle.   Distinction: You will always dress in mainly gold, and shades of grey ranging from white to black, or remain bare if you intend to use what you have learned while studying under Nike or if seeking to aid either combatants and noncombatants. This manner of dress or undress shall be observed at all times in order to provide clear distinction between members of the temple and others. The concept of distinction requires that combatants be distinguished from noncombatants and that military objectives be distinguished from protected places. Parties to a conflict are required to direct their operations only against combatants and military objectives and will be discriminate in nature.   Hallowed and Protected Places: There are locations where you do not pursue enemy forces regardless of knowing their location. Protected places are buildings or structures that are not considered valid military targets. Examples of these structures are: Any temple of war, any place of healing, or any hallowed areas. However, once enemy forces utilize these places, they become valid military objectives; for example, enemy forces staging attacks from a hallowed location.

"The war is won flawlessly, is the one that was prevented from starting"


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