1567 7 1 Great Rise

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It is a world that has long since lost hope, a world of cold hearts and hollow souls. Years after the great mage war the dust had cleared and and the light mages, the masters, had prevailed. But they did not know the consequences of their deeds. The nature of life itself rebelled, for there is no light without the dark. Weave cast a great curse upon the lands making the dead restless and rise again and again, ever seeking vengeance for their flesh. Dark mages, the Maitres were extinct and only they would have known how to dispel this curse. Thus Abathar Merevier known also as the "Undying" King of Oakvale released a new law in the interest of preventing harm to the Maitres and others that carried dark marking of arcane. Only so could balance be restored.

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Tytrius "Ty"

I&#039;m Ty! I DM and worldbuild for Eidamir (message me)! <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> 25 from the UK <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Keen writer, hiker, climber, surfer and adventurer! <span class="line-spacer d-block

Ophelia T. Starks

<blockquote>History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.</blockquote> <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> <em>Author||Musician||Fan</em> <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> Hey there, my name&#039;s Ophelia T. Starks, I&#03


I have loved fantasy my entire life and have always wanted to create my own world. Now I use D&amp;D to realize these worlds.


Dont mind me, just organizing my crap


Student in VFX/3D from Belgium. Has a hard time picking favorites


Hero&#039;s users: if I comment on your post as a character and you&#039;d rather keep it in world, let me know and link me to the post, and I&#039;ll delete it right away. <span class="line-spacer d-block">&nbsp;</span> I have a dissociative disorder and

Dimitris Havlidis

Incurable storyteller, builder of worlds, builder of applications for building worlds. Web Developer, Designer, Psychologist. Husband to a glorious wife. Humbled by those who supports his efforts. Oh and I really love chocolate and tangy lemon pies.

Jaems Woodhams

A late teens with a passion for art, music, and D&amp;D. I&#039;m getting into drawing, REAL into it, rarely hinder my own creative aspects. I do homebrew stuff from time to time as well.