Galton is the Capital City of the Southhold, embedded into the center of the southern mountain range that helps to make up The Valley of Light and Shadows upon the Southwall. The city itself is a beautiful collaboration between the many inhabitants of the Southold: representations of Dwarven stonework, Elven agricultural, Gnomish engineering, and human cultural influence can be seen in every venue. A marvel of ingenuity and magic architecture, Galton is among the largest cities in the Southhold. It is rivaled only by New Gul. Galton mainly consists of Dwarves, Elves, and Humans within the city proper. The surrounding land has become home to many Gnomes and Halflings living in small towns, as well as Goblin villages around the borders of the southern mountains. Constantly working on Galton’s ever growing infrastructure as a means of income. These races are often accepted within the city to conduct business and some have been allowed to maintain residency within the city walls as well.


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