Welcome to the world of Efinia

Efinia is a world full of life, wonder and conflict. It was created about 5000 years ago by an entity known as The Sculptor. He left the world after creating it. Then the gods were born from magic. The gods created the sapient species which live in Efinia today.


The Long Sea divides Efinia into two continents, one in the west and one in the east. The western conintent known as Antas is the homeland of the Elves. The eastern continent is known as Efin and is shared by all species.

The main mountain ranges are located in the west and east of Efinia. They create natural barriers which force the sapient species to stay in the area around the Long Sea.


Efinia is inhabited by 6 sapient species. They are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Dogfolk and Catfolk. Most of them live accross the whole world, but there are places where certain species dominate. For example, the western continent is dominated by Elves and dwarven cities are mostly in the mountains.


Efinia is full of magic, which is present in every living being. However, not everybody can use it. Most magic users have to learn magic, be blessed by a god or be born under specific circumstances.

High Fantasy
Tone, Mood, Character Agency
Noble Neutral
Mixture of soft and hard magic system


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