Koira are a humanoid canine species from the continent of Efin. They are the youngest species in Efinia. By most of the other species they are called Dogfolk, because of their similiarity to dogs.

Basic Information


Dogfolk are a bipedal species with a pair of hands free to manipulate objects. They have a long jaw which also moves their nose forward. All Dogfolk have a tail.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dogfolk reproduce sexually and give birth to live young. Female Dogfolk usually have a menstrual cycle once every 6 months. It means that the period of fertility is greatly limited. A Dogfolk pregnancy last for about 3-4 months and usually up to 3 children are born.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dogfolk are omnivores, but prefer to eat meat. A culture of hunting is still very popular among Koira. In most cases they hunt with bows or javelins, but they are also capable of hunting bare-handed. When bare-handed, they kill the animal with their teeth.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dogfolk are a social species and have a hierarchy. Usually every group has a single leader. In most groups leaders are chosen by a trial of strength, trial of mental fitness or the position is hereditary. Directly under the leader are their assistants and advisors. Under the assistants and advisors is the rest of the group. Family relations are also important in Dogfolk groups. Family can strengthen the basic social structure or even override it.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dogfolk live mainly in the south-east Efin between the mountains and the great lake. Their communities are also present in human cities, elven colonies and gnome settlements.

Average Intelligence

Koira are very intelligent. They have a very good memory, which allows them to perfectly memorize any place, picture, text or anything else. Dogfolk can also understand what others want to say through body language and voice intonation even if they don't know the language.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dogfolk have the same senses as other species, but their sense of smell is much more sensitive. They have up to 300 million oflactory receptors. Most other species have about 6 million of these receptors.
When you want someone found, hire a tracker. When you want someone found quickly, hire a Dogfolk
— A saying common among other species

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Warrior Orders

Warrior Orders are the best known Dogfolk organizations in the world. They are military, political and cultural organizations. Orders can serve Koiran rulers or act as independant polities.

United Koiran Kingdom

The United Koiran Kingdom was a country created by Rawrnol Girt after the Cataclysm. It was the only time when all Dogfolk were united under a single banner.

Historical Figures

Rawrnol Girt - unifier of all Dogfolk and creator of the United Koiran Kingdom, the only King of Koira.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions


Koira have always had a rivalry with Catfolk. According to Catfolk, Koira took their territory when they appeared. Koira say that it was empty land, which their ancestors claimed and Catfolk want to take it from them.






Dogfolk have almost no contact with Elves as the colonies in Efin are located in the seaside regions. Only small groups of merchants reach Koiran territories.

Dogfolk by Hero Forge
80 years
Average Height
1.7 - 1.9 meters
Average Weight
80 - 90 kg


Dogfolk by Hero Forge
ability score increase: +1 Strength, +2 Intelligence
age: Dogfolk mature around the age of 18-20 and usually live up to 80 years
alignment: Dogfolk tend to be lawful and mostly are neutral or good
Size: Medium
speed: 30 ft
Languages: Common, Koiran
race features:
Superior Sense of Smell

As a Dogfolk your sense of smell is superior to other species'. You have advantage on every smell-based skill check and can identify species by smell alone. You are also able to detect poisons by smell.


On your turn you can perform a bite attack instead of a weapon attack. For this attack you roll d20 and add your Strength modifier and proficiency bonus to the result. You deal 1d4 piercing damage.

Dislike Catfolk

You were taught to hate Catfolk. It gives you +2 bonus to weapon and bite attacks against Catfolk. You also have a disadvantage in Persuasion skill checks against Catfolk.


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14 Apr, 2022 18:10

Your writing is always so pleasing in the layout department. It is easy to read, and it is well-written.   I am curious about how mental fitness is measured for Dogfolk for group leaders. Also, where did the name Koira come from?

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If I remember correctly "Koira" means dog in... Finnish? (i'm not sure now). I haven't about the mental fitness. Thank you!

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