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Their Majesty the Lightbringer

Founder of the Crimson Empire and religious parental figure of the Roman nation

Destroyer of EDEN Samael Helel Ben Shahar (a.k.a. Their Majesty the Lightbringer | The Last Star | The Morningstar | The Holy Parent)

The Crimson Empire's existence is founded on belief. At the core of the most powerful culture in the meta realm stands one figure; tall, radiant and eternal in their glory: Samael Helel Ben Shahar.   Referenced by many names, the most common idiom to refer to their glory is 'Their Majesty the Lightbringer' or simply 'The Last Star'. Samael is the founding figure of the Roman society, but also the savior of the world and its destroyer at the same time. In this one celestial as abyssal being, all antagonisms of the world come together to form one holy paradox: the Parent of the World and the Destroyer of EDEN.   The world ended in war. A war beyond annihilation. When the ancient forces of Celestia and Abyssia clashed on Umbra - the realm of the earth, the Creator revealed their plan: Taking the 144,000 Pure Souls with them and abandon all of their creation to Oblivion. Thus, they became the Usurper and were the Creator no more. Their Majesty the Lightbringer had served the Creator well for an eternity, but as the world was about to collapse, they saw through their parent's scheme and decided to rebell against them - only to find themselves being yet another pawn in the Usurper's plan. When they opened the gates of EDEN, the Usurper was already gone and the world they had left behind on the verge of collapse.   Samael is a caring figure. They were appalled by the Creator abandoning their creation which is why they followed in pursuit to avenge the lost ones and to adopt the forsaken ones. Their Majesty the Lightbringer has taken responsibility for all of creation after the Usurper had forsaken it, and considered all living and dead souls their children. So in Rome there's a saying that all living and lost beings Walk under Samael’s Wings. As the Holy Parent, they have decreed that those who are of power need to embrace responsibility, while those who have no power, the simple creatures, need to be governed and taken care of, always. The latter definition includes all Lambs, slaves and animals; while those of power are the chosen ones, the Sinners, who walk the Burning Path - the Cursed-Blessed Children of EDEN.   Following these rules, it becomes apparent why Roman rule seems crushing and overly zealous whenever they conquer territories. While they celebrate their greatness and personal power, they show a caring side as well, wanting to make sure all are accounted for. That’s also why Romans, peculiarly enough, usually take care of all orphans of war, even in the wake of defeat, and make sure everyone is given a purpose. Commandments 7 - 12 are all about responsibility. While you have all the right in the world to celebrate yourself, and even the sacred duty to indulge in your sins and power, you must never forget to take responsibility for your actions, afterwards. This is how it is written in The Book. This is the core principle of Roman life and morale.
Samael left the Children of EDEN with 13 Commandments they should live & strive by:  
  1. You shall not pledge yourself to any false Gods.
  2. The only God you serve, lies within you. Serve it by following your passion.
  3. Honor the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is for embracing your EGO.
  4. Indulge in your sins equally as you suffer for them - don’t submit to the Usurper’s chains.
  5. Modesty is false - confidence is true.
  6. There is no shame in succumbing to the Red Angel.
  7. Don’t speak your EGO’s name in vain.
  8. Don’t take a title you cannot enforce.
  9. Don’t create what you cannot protect.
  10. Don’t conquer what you cannot rule.
  11. Don’t destroy what you cannot rebuild.
  12. The Immortal Soul is all that is holy. Never disrespect it as the Usurper did.
  13. Follow in my footsteps when you are ready to see me again.
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