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Liber Unicus

Liber Unicus or simply ‘The Book’ is the basic collection of all rules and context building the foundation of the Roman creed. It’s a collection of stories, fables and reports combined with the guidelines and decrees by which one should live when following in Samael the Lightbringer’s footsteps. The book of all books. The only book that matters. It contains actual transcriptions of Samael’s life and deeds as well as the commandments they have given to his followers and is thus considered to be a secondary relic of Their Majesty the Lightbringer themselves.   Liber Unicus was written by a group of friends and subordinates very close to the leader during the times of the Final War; their inner circle of trusted supporters. They are the ones who have fought and traveled by their side during the rebellion, and also the ones they trusted with their legacy when they left for the Burning Crusade & Pilgrimage to the Golden City. We refer to these as a group of messengers or Apostles - The 13 Archons. Everything the Lightbringer has told and taught them is referred to as The Word. And only what is written in the Book is part of the Word.   The original Book has 13 main chapters - each elaborating the depth of one of the 12 commandments - written with the quill from one of Samael's own feathers, dipped in golden ink on parchment made from angel's and devil's skin. It is said it can eradicate a lamb with its bright, powerful, light-drenched aura and even the undead monks studying it gradually go blind over the years. But apart from the artifact itself there are countless apocryphal texts also attributed to various Archons that are kept out of actual scripture for various purposes. The original artifact is being studied by the Order of Sorrow directly serving the Black Triumvirate in the Undercity necropolis of Roma Aeterna. It is one of the five most important relics of the Roman church and is kept in the library of the Winged Cathedral for theological study.   There is a 'lesser' variant of ‘The Book’ as it circulates among priests and clerics. It is meant to be a simplified guideline to live by, without distracting theological depth or too complicated, philosophical clutter. It is meant to be a handbook for the clerics of the living to guide all living things by the Word of Samael so they can achieve greatness in their lives. The Book and the 'Lesser Book' of priests are all written in Lingua Latina and not supposed to ever be translated. Priests are not supposed to actually read from the Lesser Book, but to tell the fables and stories in their own words to actively foster change and apply them to everyday-situations their disciples encounter. Changing the original story or context is actually part of the priest's job - as long as the original analogy stays intact. Apart from the fact that translating the original text is forbidden, everyday-Roman religion is actually very lively with passionate sermons, dance, sacrifice and song. But the living are supposed to stick to worshiping Archons more than do their head in by trying to understand the Book.   Theological studies are for the Undead - dance, sacrifice and prayer for the Living.
Samael left the Children of EDEN with 13 commandments they should live & strive by:  
  1. You shall not pledge yourself to any false Gods.
  2. The only God you serve, lies within you. Serve it by following your passion.
  3. Honor the Sabbath, as the Sabbath is for embracing your EGO.
  4. Indulge in your sins equally as you suffer for them - don’t submit to the Usurper’s chains.
  5. Modesty is false - confidence is true.
  6. There is no shame in succumbing to the Red Angel.
  7. Don’t speak your EGO’s name in vain.
  8. Don’t take a title you cannot enforce.
  9. Don’t create what you cannot protect.
  10. Don’t conquer what you cannot rule.
  11. Don’t destroy what you cannot rebuild.
  12. The Immortal Soul is all that is holy. Never disrespect it as the usurper did.
  13. Follow in my footsteps when you are ready to see me again.


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