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Mostly dwarves, a mixing of other races. It's a relatively open city, though the old hatreds die hard, and not so many elves can be seen.


"Run" by a King who officially manages all military power and public works, though he is little more than a figurehead. The real power lies in the 7 Mining Conglomerates who run the economy and make all the decisions about the city's affiliations and where its money goes. This is a delicate balance between the seven, and often times business concerns can create chaos with the city works.   The city guard, named the Kaalee (pronounced Kah-lee) controls the streets with their tri-bladed spears. They wear a signature uniform of black iron plates over leather armor and are renowned as stout fighters. These are also under the joint control of the conglomerates, with some factions being controlled by certain companies. A subset of this group, called the Caukasī Kaalee (pronounced Chock-see) act as a sort of detective force, investigating crimes that aren't cut and dried.


The city is guarded on both sides by immense mechanical steel gates, named Lauh Deevar. The first set guards the southern and most direct entrance to the city. The second covers the entrance to the Lauh Maarg, a tunnel forged in steel that runs right through the tentacle and into Yui'tian.

Industry & Trade

The primary exports are mineral materials, processed metals, and precious gems. The 7 Conglomerates own most of this traffic, quickly stomping out any lesser competition and always aiming to destroy each other if the opportunity arises.


There are an above average number of furnaces for smithing and crafting here. The gates have been mounted on a efficient opening system, removing a lot of the work. Aqueducts carry water from deep mountain springs into the center of town.

Guilds and Factions

The major factions within the city are the 7 Mining Conglomerates, massive companies with far reaching practices that extend the length of the Tentacle. There are a few other smaller guilds within the city. The Patthar Archive serves as a school for those who would like higher or more arcane education.


The buildings are carved into the wall of the mountain itself, rising in tiers (known as the Tiyar, the highest called the Ooparee Tiyar) further back into the core of the mountain. (see: THIS for photo reference)


The city is carved out of the side of the mountain, every building literally a part of the living rock. It stands on one side against a desert and on the other against a grassy plain.

Natural Resources

Below the mountain is a long dormant volcano that produces geothermal heat, providing hot springs and heated water and homes.


  • Yui'tian
    A temporary map for Yui'tian until I can render my vision for a multi-tiered, mountain carved city.
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