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Written by Salen

A variety of flying ships can be seen in the skies all over Tamia. These ships are manufactured in different nations and come in various types and styles. From single passenger flying bikes, to massive transports, to warships that sail the high skies between cities. The variety of ships all run on either gear based mechanics that have to be wound up (most small craft and winged bikes), or steam engines that power the blades and wings that twirl and spin keeping them moving through the air. The larger warships and transports have hot air balloons as well giving them a further reach across the land. Most of the airships can also land in water and function there as well in a pinch.

Competitive Markets

When the different companies branched out and started making their own airships they started promoting their own designs over their competitors. The main two rivals now are the elven shipmasters and the dwarven Gearsmiths. The ships are basically the same, with the improvements being copied by merchant spies within days. The only thing that really separates them are the racial tastes and accoutrements. The dwarven airships usually have large cogs and gears that could be smaller, yet look better with the whole design. the elven airships tend to have sleeker designs and adopt feathers for wings and slim silver railings.

Power Generation

Wind and crank, or steam powered.
spinners or balloons
Related Professions
the smaller ships are common while the larger ships are more rare.
the smaller craft can only travel up to speeds of 50 MPH, wjile the larger ships can get up to a maximum speed of almost 90 MPH
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

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