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Michael D. Nadeau

Member Since: 30 Nov, 2018


Born in the usual way, I started roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 8. I stopped playing it for awhile but soon plunged back into this world of fantasy and magic once more. I discovered a world of imagination and loved the myriad of possibilities that it offered. For years I designed worlds and cities, even races, and just as quickly I brought them tumbling down in ruin. I could create pantheons of Gods, and heroes to battle against their evil plots. I also started reading avidly, thanks to a teacher in high school, and this opened up more worlds for me to peruse and dissect for my own purposes. For the last 30+ years I have been coming up with whole functioning societies......but what was next? Well I was already writing short bio's for characters in our game, and elaborate back stories for interesting people that we would interact with, so how was that very different than writing a book? So in 2011 I started putting my brain to use on developing a new world, except this time I would have to fill in everything. Lythinall was born. I published The Darkness Returns (A Lythinall Novel) Book 1 in June 2017, and The Darkness Within (A Lythinall Novel) Book 2 in 2018. Then it happened. A publisher read my story and wanted me. In 2018 I was signed by Kyanite Publishing and will be releasing a title sometime in 2019. Other than all of this I still play the game that started it all, and I still design places, people and items when I'm not hanging out with my family or working my ass off at my day job

Interests & Hobbies

Even though I'm an author I'm also a dungeon master and have been playing D&D and other RPG's for over 35+ years

Favorite Movies

The Hobbit (animated), The Matrix, Any Star Wars, LOtR, The Holy Grail, and many more

Favorite TV Series

DC television (not movies), Marvel on Netflix, Dr Who, Supernatural, The Magicians

Favorite Books

Anything by Ed Greenwood, Deathstalker series and Blue moon series by Simon R. Green, LOtR, Wizards First Rule series by Terry Goodkind, etc....

Favorite Writers

Ed Greenwood (for his sarcastic wit and characters), Simon R. Green (for his humor and daring do), Terry Goodkind (for his development of story and characters), Michael Moorcock (for his epic evil VS evil)

Favorite Games

Skyrim, Dark Souls games (really anything made by From Software), and every Final Fantasy game

Comments & Feedback

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1 Dec, 2018 01:48

Welcome to World Anvil!

1 Dec, 2018 13:36

Thanks! Seems a bit daunting but figuring it out slowly.

1 Dec, 2018 14:51

The learning curve isn't as bad as it might seem. Also the community on Discord is very helpful. Feel free to ask me if you need help too!

3 Dec, 2018 13:30

Your world sounds intriguing! Can't wait to check it out in-depth after World Ember has finished :)

3 Dec, 2018 22:00

Thanks! Really hoping I can finish it by then. There is so much here I can do!

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