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771 SF (Star Fall)

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Welcome to the world of Eather'an (eth-air-an). This world was once a thriving world of high technology and magic, but then the Gods grew angry and threw down the heavens. No one remembers why or what caused them to become so outraged, all that is known is what happened when they did. The Gods sent down the very stars themselves to punish the people and devastated the lands, sinking whole continents, flooding what was left, and toppling the races into confusion.      

What is Left

The four major continents were reduced to bare fragments of what was, leaving the main two land masses mere shards of their former selves (The Shards). The other one was lost among the waves, leaving only a bare strip of itself left (The Isle of Regret). The last one fared the best, as it was protected by the Goddess Syll and was home to the faeries and other sylvan folk (Tamia). Of the races that survive, only Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Humans, and Faeries remain, but circumstances give the world its first half breeds as the elves mingle with the humans on Tamia, and the Orcs breed with the humans on The Shards. Half-elves and Half-orcs come into the world during these times and populate their respective lands to different degrees.    

Those that Survive

The remaining races struggle to rebuild, with the Orcs coming out on top of the devastation. They enslave the other races, forcing the survivors that could escape to flee east towards Tamia. The orcs use the slaves they have to rebuild, creating a life among he Shards that gave birth to Warlords, primal gods, and slave towers. The refugee's that fled to Tamia meet the faeries, who are struggling to rebuild themselves amid the chaos. While Tamia fared better than most, they still took heavy damage, losing the center of their continent to the largest star and creating the Crystal lake. The elves, humans and dwarves started over but fell to constant wars and fighting among themselves over the centuries, driving the faeries away to another dimension.    


So welcome to the world of Steamblade, where the races have begun to rediscover technology and mix it with magic as part of their everyday lives. Steam powered vehicles and guns are common as are blades and axes. Spells of fire and ice rain down on Geartanks and Slave barges. People struggle against sea monsters and Gearrails travel the land on tracks from city to city.    
This world was inspired by a anthology proposed by Kyanite publishing for a punk genre. I came up with the idea from playing Final fantasy games and enjoying the myriad forms of airships and different tools in those games. I set out to only write a short story but the idea exploded onto the screen and now the world is blossoming before my eyes. Once my other novels are done I plan on writing a trilogy based on this world as well.