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Barroom: BRAWL!

Barroom: Brawl is located in the city of Crown Keep, capitol and largest city of the Mountain Kingdoms, on the third level known as the Brewer's Floor.
It is the largest drinking establishment in Crown Keep which places it high in the running for largest drinking establishment in the world trailing perhaps some of the brewing clans own brand focussed festhalls in Sandymass.
Operated by the Church of Drukan on behalf of the Rinnic Pantheon, the bar serves as an outlet for aggression and stress for everyone who fights their way in.

Purpose / Function

Barroom: BRAWL! primarily serves to promote the brewing industry of Crown Keep, and the Mountain Kingdoms but also the art of brewing as a whole as they welcome the products of anyone capable of meeting the brewer's challenge.
A tithe from the income of the bar also goes to support the various charities and good works of the Rinnic faith, in particular the maintenance of life and treatment of the many veterans of the Mountain Kingdoms' wars.


Alterations to the bar have taken place largely in the replacement of broken or damaged items due to BRAWL! As a result, the decor is a hodgepodge of dwarfen crafting techniques over the life time of the bar's existence.


As is common on the lower levels of dwarfen cities like Crown Keep, Barroom: BRAWL! is carved out of the mountain rather than built from worked stone. The result is what appears to be a stalagnitic column reaching from floor to ceiling from the outside. The entrance, off Porter Street, is a carved portal resembling a large keg stood on its side. Large windows flank this entrance, allowing one to see inside and more importantly allowing for spectacular ends to brawls for a place within. The building features a rare use of dwarfen arcane magic in the form of an ever mending spell on the class, though sometimes a defenestration is so spectacular that the words on the glass are rearranged when the shards take the quickest route back to their place.


The bar is overseen by a great many priests and servants of the Church of Drukan. The Drukards, as clerics of Drukan are known, provide adequate security for any trouble makers inside the bar, and in general the presence of that many brawling drunks dissuades anyone from outside causing trouble.


Originally called Drukard's Regret the establishment in 1820 AP, a few years after the end of the First Dwarvo-Gnomen War and the repatriation of thousands of dwarfen p.o.w's. The horror of what they experienced in the gnomen prison camps led to major reform movements within the Rinnic faith and the various churches vowed to care for these broken soldiers. It soon became apparent that the survivors of the war who didn't fall into enemy hands faced many challenges of their own and soon the Church of Drukan came to the forefront of the care initiatives. This led to the building of veteran focussed festhalls in nearly every settlement where former soldiers down on their luck or traumatized could receive food for the belly and drink to drown the memories, as well as an empathetic ear from fellow veterans.
In order to fund the operation the Church of Drukan eventually opened these festhalls to paying customers who's spending funded the charity. In Crown Keep an effort was made to enlist the aid of the city's brewing clans and their operations and Drukard's Regret was opened. What was unexpected was the rush of patrons wishing to spend their coin to help the veterans leading to brawls over the drinking space. The brawls grew so violent that the city threatened to shut down the public operation all together.
In order to forestall that, the Drukard's decided to turn this flaw into a design feature and Barroom: BRAWL was born in 1822 AP. By codifying the rules for the violence they deftly removed the dangerous elements from the violent atmosphere and business exploded. Today, well over a century later, the brawl hasn't stopped and has become a symbol of the Church's fight for those less fortunate souls who suffered in the service of Crown and Clan.


Visitors come from all over the Moutain Kingdoms and the wider world to engage in the free for all and drink their fill.
Upon arriving a perspective group, and it is heavily advised you come in a group, may either select their own table or be given a table number from the priest at the door. They must then challenge the occupants of the table for right to it and the Brawl ensues until the last member of one of the group goes down or yields.
Alternatively, one could simply head to the Brawling Floor and engage in melee with anyone willing to throw hands with them. As long you remain on your feet and don't accept a hand up from your opponent you are never out of the fight. Doing either will result in your ejection from the Brawl, though it is considered only proper for your vanquisher to buy you a round of Cons-ALE-ation for the road.
On occasion patrons with grudges to settle will settle them at the BRAWL! in a one on one fight that is monitored by the Church. Such fights are often means of settling things as legally as possible with peacefully is no longer a legitimate option. On the last day of the year the entire day is dedicated to these bouts in order to keep old enmities from carrying over. After the fight both must split a keg of ale and agree publicly that That is That.
In addition to the general fracas their are two special types of brawls that receive the attention of everyone but the most intractable combatants: Organized Bouts and Vendor Challenges. Organized Bouts are straight forward prize fights encompassing a number of combat sports, as well as the annual Crown's Royal Rumble put on by the Dwarfen Wrestling Federation.
Vendor Challenges are how Barroom: BRAWL determines the drinks available on it's menu. On the wall above the main tap line are the 99 bottles served. Any vendor who wishes their product to be sold in the festhall must choose one of those bottles and fight the representative of that brand for its place. The fight begins when the challenger hands the defender their bottle from the wall and it ends when one of the representatives is physically ejected from Barroom: BRAWL! either through the door or, as preferred by the patrons, through the window.
Major breweries often hire well renowned heroes as their representatives in order to maintain their place in such a prestigious and prolific watering hole. But representatives of smaller brands are often fanatical defenders of their spot as in the case of Hrudek Hardscrabble undeniably the worst dwarf brewer who ever lived who none the less has kept his brew, known as Gutcrease by the patrons, on the wall for almost fifty years.
In addition to all these festivities, both the priests and individual patrons may place proposition wagers or quests on the main board offering rewards, usually of drink, occasionally of employment. These cover a wide range of occurrences such as 'first one to fling someone through a window gets a keg from me,' and many others.
A customary phantom round is always added to every tab to pay it forward to one of those in the Drukard's care and most patrons often stand more rounds than that when settling up.
Barroom: BRAWL! is truly a one of a kind, uniquely dwarfen experience and should not be missed by anyone visiting Crown Keep.
Welcome to Barroom: BRAWL! Crown Keep's longest running bar fight.
This is bar fight, not an ogre hunt. There are rules.
2: Refusing a challenge for right to sit a table surrenders that table to the challenger.
3: All challenging parties must be involved from the beginning of the fight. Late comers must wait to challenge the winners.
4: The fight is over when one party is incapacitated or yields.
5: Winners buy a farewell round of Cons-ALE-ation for the vanquished.
6: All One on One fights must take place under the eye of the staff.
7: The fight is over when one is unconscious or accepts a hand up from the other.
8: Hard Feelings should be taken outside.
9: Violation of the Rules results in banishment and possible ass kickings from the staff.
A Note To Vendors
Barroom: BRAWL! serves 99 different beverages on our wall o' drink, with 23 of those being on tap.
In order to procure your product's place on the wall or on tap you or your brand representative must challenge the on site vendor or brand representative for their spot.
The fight is over when the losing representative is ejected bodily from Barroom: BRAWL. All other rules of the brawl apply.
Not being present to defend the product will forfeit your place on the Wall.
Bet ye yer tab ye can't slide some mugger the entire length o' one o' the main floor pub tables.
Bet ye a keg o' yer choice ye can't win a challenge with a mug in yer hand an' not spillin a drop.
A King's Charcuterie Board to the first one as throws somebody through the plate window on after the start o' either mornin' or evenin' shift.
Drinks free fer everyone the rest o' shift if any one o' ye lasses can drain Hrunting's Horn o' Gutcrease in one go WITHOUT EVACUATIN YER STOMACH IMMEDIATELY AFTER! Otherwise it'll just be a round on the house.

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28 Mar, 2022 06:16

This is a very interesting take on a tavern!, love the good use of the sidebar and overall the article is good!,

28 Mar, 2022 18:45

I like the idea of codified violence, and the whole 'hire champions to defend/attack for your drink being sold' is just plain hilarious. Go dwarves!   I do note that your sole use of single-enters makes the article hard to read, it'd be better if you use more whitespace with double-enters to split more into subsections.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
29 Mar, 2022 13:40

This is a very fun concept XD Do people ever get to actually sit at those table and enjoy their drink or is it a succession of fights all the time? XD

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29 Mar, 2022 20:30

Mending spell on the glass, not the class (I'm assuming)   Possibly change "as legally as possible with peacefully is no longer" to "as legally as possibly when a peaceful resolution is no longer..."   Good job. I like the idea, although I do wonder, could 2 parties select a champion for a one-on-one for a table, or do all have to fight? Is there an alternative nearby for those who dont wish to fight for their table? Honestly I think you ahve gotten about as far as you can withing the constraints of the prompts, perhaps next challenge use them for notes and then combine things into your own formatting in the free write section. Keep up the good work.

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