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Home to the High-Elf after they fled Rotomid oppression often considered an unbreachable city until the Wererat Investigation Bureau Brought the city back down tot he grown


The population of Xin is majority High Elfs with he occasional wood elves


Xin is ruled by a body of 5 councillors each overseeing different aspects of the city (agriculture, Infrastructure, Military, technology, and arcana)


Master Archers  Mountain terrain provides great bottlenecks

Industry & Trade

The Elves keep most of their personal knowledge to themselves but have been known to supply spell scrolls and potions for building supplies.


With the city being stranded on the ground in 661DH the city built a massive reinforced wall around it, it then began to expand to other settlements so that their entire civilization was confined to one single location. Its technology was also equally advanced in order to keep up with the settlement of Zriegast.


One of the oldest easily accessible libraries in the realm  Master Archers  An adept magic Acadamy

Guilds and Factions

Bard college of lore Xin's Mages Acadamy


Founded by Halaema and the Daeqirelle Brothers 400 years before the Dragon Wars the City was considered untakable due to its floating island nature.    During the Dragon Wars, it acted as a central hub to coordinate the counter-offensive of the rest of the kingdoms though as the war grew desperate the council at the time opted to cannibalize the Xinx Crystal keeping the island afloat and making it spew out creatures capable of killing dragons however these creatures could not be controlled so after the wars the city had to find means of disposing of these creatures going forward in the future.   It remained untouched during the undead uprising due to its high ground and the skill of the city archers    400 years later the Xinx crystal was growing out of hand and the council tasked one of their fellow member Arenam Daeqirelle to find a means to correct the crystal from destroying the city. Unfortunately, Arenam was killed in an orc attack while out of the city and the problem was never able to be resolved     In 661DH the Wererat investigation Bureau volunteered to deal with the Xinx crystal problem but when they got there they found that stopping the crystal would stop the city from floating. Luckily Arenam has designed a failsafe to gently let the city float down to the ground and the Bureau was able to destroy the crystal and safely bring the city down to the ground.    The Elves were not pleased however as their perfect defendable city had been made vulnerable although no public action was made against the Bureau they always held them accountable. Reulustuing in their refusal to take part in the United army push on Zriegast.    Post the war Xin begin to expand to make itself more defensible it did however always try to find ways to acquire the Zriegrast Xinx Crystal in order to restore their floating city. These attempts were mostly countered by Rox and the XIB but some technology was stolen thus building a rivalship between the two cities.    To this day the elf research tirelessly to restore their city to the sky.

Points of interest

The Xin Grand Archives  Tomes and Tiaras magical item shop


Closed to the general public.


Located deep within the mountain ranges


Since dropping below the clouds the city has been exposed to harsh winters and heavy rainfall

Natural Resources

iron ore from the surrounding mountains mountain wildlife   Dimond viel
Founding Date
Large city
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization
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