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Insectoid Gendirl species that lives in the northern grasslands, away from human settlement. No other living Gendirl species grows larger than a Dooken.  
  Dookeni territory extends down to the Bordere River though only their open clans sit this close to settled Dosjorya. All of their clans sit next to a body of water as Dookeni are thirsty creatures who can survive drinking salt water for short periods of time if needed. As well known as their hatred for human settlements is, not as many know or recognize that the Dookeni do not like sharing territory with any Gendirl species.   Like all insects, Dookeni have six legs and a hard exoskeleton. Unlike other insects, Dookeni also have an internal skeleton to help support their mass. Due to their gigantic size, Dookeni are unable to move at high speeds though can easily outpace a human. Each segment of their bodies and legs are a different hue of dull green, akin to the colors found amongst the grasses of Dosjorya. Their antennae have poisoned filled barbs that, when used, paralyze large prey. Fear is an often used method of hunting as a Dooken has a very intimidating appearance.   To maintain themselves, Dookeni will eat anything and everything that can be considered food. They are one of the few Gendirl species that regularly hunts for water dwelling prey, though an individual's typical diet depends heavily on what food can be found in their current area. Throughout history, small groups of young Dookeni have occasionally stumbled across a human farmer's field and proceeded to eat all of the developing crop. These acts are nearly always accidental but every few generations such an incident happens by an angered Dooken wanting humans to move away from Gendirl lands.   Dookeni only live in small groups so that they do not strip an area of available food too quickly. All are highly sociable within their species and often communicate in a separate language from Salimen, a language that the Dookeni refuse to let die even after the Gendirl Sacred Pact and the Coloktialo brought all Gendirlo together. Dookeni do not mate for life though they try to only mate within the same generation to avoid inbreeding with their young. The whole group takes care of all young with males and females taking up the same roles once eggs are lain.

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Cover image: by Jen Wright


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