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WorldEmber 2023 Homework

Goal: To create 10,000 words of new world building content. Would love to get to 25,000 but don't think I'll ever have to the time to do that, but maybe.   Week 1: Area Of Focus: I hope to be able to focus on creating various articles related to the oceans, seas, and coastal areas of my world with a concentration on the equatorial regions. Additionally, I feel like I have neglected the elves of my realm and would like flesh out some of those areas as well. Finally, I would like to tie up some loose ends and their articles if I need a change of pace during Worldember.   Week 2: Mini-meta: While I originally wanted to tackle the entire ocean, I realized that it was way too big and would take much longer than a month of Worldember to do. It will probably take a few years with my time constraints. I suppose instead that I will focus on a smaller section of the ocean and see how much can be accomplished. One of my articles from Summercamp was about a capital city on this ocean, so that might be a good place to pick up and start with. I think the plan is to do articles about the sea, the coast, the islands, the nation, its navy, maybe its ruling council, some sea creatures, and a disease. The more that I type this, the more article ideas come to mind and Im not sure if I'll be able to do them all. But I'll give it a shot and see what happens.   Week 3: Homepage: I made the homepage a few years ago when I had first started using world anvil and had never touched it since that time.  I never really liked it, but wasn't sure what to put on the page.  Just recently I reviewed and added a bit about the world itself or at least what I had hopped to make it in the future.  I'm still not compeletely sure about it, but I think it is vastly improved over what it once was.  I will have to reassess it in the near future.   Week 4: Last-minute Prep:
  • Work space is about as tidy as it is going to get.
  • Hot chocolate and spicy cider are ready.
  • Writing schedule is already out the window with the chaos of work-related December issues. Just have to focus a little bit when I get home and really hit it on the weekends between household chores.
  • Got plenty of chocolate.
  • Watched Lord of the Rings, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Jurassic World, and just have to watch Dragon Slayer and then clean out my DVR so that I can record my regular TV shows.
  • Not sure what else I need to do but I’m sure that I’m forgetting something.
  • Ready as I’m ever going to be. Can’t wait!


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Nov 18, 2023 12:14 by Elspeth

Starting with a capital city on the ocean sounds like a great idea. Good luck reaching your goal and I hope you have a great WorldEmber! :)