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Merlonian Skullcap

"Those skullcaps might be a relic from the past, but they sure helped turn the tide against the Fae creatures and allowed our people to carve out the kingdoms that we have today. And anyone wearing them has that same responsibility today, so don’t go worrying about “Creatures” in the woods, we got you covered."
    The Merlonian Skullcaps are created and worn only by those powerful wizards known as the Merlonian Magicians. They were originally created as mighty aids for magical battle against the druids and Fae creatures of Avalonia and derive their namesake from the magicians of the boggy nation of Merlonia. Today the skullcaps serve mostly as a status symbol for the heads of high ranking magical families and wizard politicians of Avalonia.    


  Despite being in use from ancient days, the skull cap has remained mostly unchanged. It is still a thin, tight fitting, curved, metallic plate that sits upon the shaved head of the wearer. Originally it was composed solely of arcane silver due to the magic enhancing abilities, however the more modern versions have overlain that silver with other metals and precious gemstones. Some have even gone to great lengths creating intricate designs, ornamental scalloped edges, and adornments for their skullcaps. Although these newer additions to the cap certainly add to their aesthetic, they do not seem to enhance or detract from the overall magic of the piece.    


  While the abilities and powers of these headpieces can vary, most of them have the same basic functions of enhancing the wearer’s magical prowess and protections. Specifically they allow immunity against low level enchantments, charms, and illusion spells and reduced effects against greater levels of these types. Additionally, spells cast by the wearer are maximized for range, duration, effect, and damage.   Known variants of these skullcaps allow for additional forms of short range telepathy, and improved vision, including additional darkvision, heat vision, or farsight. Rumors persist of other much more unique types that permit a limited form of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis, or atmokinesis.

Manufacturing process

The forging and crafting of these magical skullcaps is a very secretive process known only to the Merlonian Magicians and their artificers. After the forging and enspelling processes are complete, the skullcaps are affixed to the skull by a strong yet temporary alchemical adhesive. It is highly recommended that a person shave their head before applying the skullcap, as any hair trapped beneath it is quickly dissolved by the adhesive, creating a foul smelling, gelatinous mass.   It is said that due to these secretive processes, each cap is specifically manufactured to be in harmony with a particular bloodline and therefore cannot be worn by anyone unrelated, making for a very interesting family heirloom.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
This item is very rare and usually only found in the possession of the Merlonian Magicians and their descendants.
Raw materials & Components
Crafted from rare precious metals with a base of refined arcane silver. Some have detailed scroll work of arcane symbols, etchings, and even exquisite gems set into the metal framework.
"Eh lad. Don’t confuse the intricate designs and fancy baubles on their heads for power. The most powerful wizards don’t need such eye catchers to convey their might. Those wearing the plainest and simplest skullcaps are the truly powerful."
"I have finally acquired your rightful inheritance. Happy birthday son!"   "What am I going to do with grandpas old skullcap?"   "Well I guess you could just hang in on your wall. Or… maybe you can follow in your grandfathers footsteps, don this potent artifact, become a powerful Merlonian Magician, and restore our family to its former greatness. The choice is pretty clear."

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Cover image: by From Hero Forge, Made By Me


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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
4 Jun, 2021 07:03

Nice article! I love the idea of that skullcap and wizards wearing it as a status symbol :D and I like your quotes :D   Do the metal and gemstones other than arcana silver make the skullcap less efficient?   Is it a requirement for the person wearing the skullcap to be shaved for it to function, or is it just a fashion rule?   Is there some magic that helps the skullcap stays in the head, or is it just its shape that maintain it there, like a crown?

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8 Jun, 2021 02:56

Thanks for checking out my article.   The additions to the skullcaps don't help or hinder its effectiveness in anyway. Shaving the head doesn't effect the skullcaps abilities, it just prevents the bad smell of the hair deteriorating underneath of it. The skullcap stays on the head through a special glue that causes the hair deterioration.

4 Jun, 2021 09:35

Nice read! I like the bit of history you start with giving an idea how important the items was at one point. Also I nice touch to have the most powerful mages to have the least decorated caps :p   I wonder though is shaving the head really needed or does it just enhance the power of the cap then?

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8 Jun, 2021 02:51

Thanks for reading. And while shaving the head isn't a requirement it is recommended in order to avoid the unpleasant deterioration of the hair underneath of it.

6 Jun, 2021 04:18

I really like your quote about the simpler ones belonging to the most powerful wizards. How do the families feel about these heirlooms? Are they displayed prominently? You mention that they are made in harmony with a particular bloodline. Does this mean direct descendants can utilize the caps?

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8 Jun, 2021 03:02

Thank you for reading my article and good questions. I made some additions to the article in hopes of answering some of your questions. Basically some family members value the heirlooms while others don't really care, it just depends on how useful they can be to the families. Magic wielders will value them while non magic users will not, but magic using direct descendants can and do wear the cap of their ancestors.

9 Jun, 2021 23:07

Pfff, screw the family. Just run off, train magic, become a mercenary and build up enough money for yourself.   Anyway, neat item! If it wasn't for the blood-connection, these would be to kill for. Instead, kidnap young men and force them to get children, so you can steal all of these and build up a massive bloodline...

9 Jun, 2021 23:20

Hmmm. Good idea. Perhaps someone may devise a similar plan in the future. Thanks for checking it out.