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Arena Of Carcerum

The Arena of Carcerum is located in the despicable prison city of Carerum.  Here all types of prisoners, servants, and slaves are brought to be trained and eventually used as fighters for the amusement of the audience and their owners.  Great wagers and bets are placed upon the combatants as they fight for the promise of pardons and their freedom.    Most participants here are elven prisoners of war captured from the nearby forests in the never ending conflict of the Carcerums to eradicate the elven presence from the land. This age old blood feud has slowly turned against the elves as both the forested lands and the elves themselves are being destroyed.

Purpose / Function

Built upon the highest earthen mound in the city and situated between the prison district and the common district, the arena stands out for all to witness, even to those outside of the city walls. Aside from being an appalling and wicked way to eliminate captured elves and uncooperative prisoners, it acts as both a source of entertainment to the masses and a stark reminder that anyone who incurs the wrath of the upper class might end up as a participant instead of a spectator inside of the wooden walls.


The ruling guild leaders of the city thought that it was particularly clever and spiteful to build this arena of elven death, out of something that the elves greatly cared for, their beloved trees. The rough wood is left plain and unadorned except for banners and advertisements of the guild leaders and stable masters.


While most civilized people would never venture to this foul place, many uncivilized and those who just don’t know any better, often frequent the arena. For the local citizens and nearby travelers, the events held in the arena are an important source of entertainment and temporary escapism from the troubles of their daily lives. Those who come here are able to find comradery, equality, stress relief, and quick markets of unusual wares. As for the aristocrats, they use the arena as a means of showing off their wealth, status, and power. Additionally other stable masters from other cities often bring their own fighters and gladiators in order to curry favor with the politicians and expand their own notoriety, fame and fortune.


Zumn Headreaver, Elfslayer:   A particularly large and violent hobgoblin who is currently one of the consistent crowd favorite gladiators of the arena. He won his freedom some time ago but chose to stay and continue to battle the captured elves and rejoice in the admiration and approval of the roaring mob. Zumn is now both a minor stable master, training and representing other hobgoblins, orcs, and goblins who find their way into the arena, as well as an active professional gladiator who specializes in fighting the elves.

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