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Human History

A history of humanity, as understood by historians and experts within the United States. Focuses on events during and after the space age.   (Currently focuses on US history, as the US is currently the main established country in this world. It will eventually be grown to encompass major events in US, European, Indian, Israeli, Chinese, and south-east Pacific History)

  • 1492

    America's discovered by Western Europe
    Discovery, Exploration

    Three ships, led by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus, landed on the American continent

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  • 1607

    14 May

    Jamestown founded in present-day Virginia

    Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America, is established

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  • 1620

    11 November

    Mayflower Compact Signed
    Civil action

    This was the signing of the Mayflower Compact by Puritans who landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Noted as the first governing document created for an English colony in the Americas.

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  • 1756

    17 May

    15 February

    7 Year's war (French and Indian War)
    Military action

    A significant war in European History that spanned the globe and played a significant role in starting the American Revolution

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  • 1776

    4 July

    3 September

    American Revolution

    A colonial revolt by British Colonies in the Americas, with the goal of independence. It founded the United States, one of the most influential countries on Earth, and is noted as one of the few successful revolutions.

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  • 1787

    25 May

    17 September

    US Constitutional Convention
    Gathering / Conference

    The convention that ratified the US constitution, which established the first Federal Republican system. Praised for its notable separation of powers and protections of rights.

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  • 1789

    5 May

    9 November

    French Revolution

    A violent, anti-aristocratic movement in France that resulted in Napoleon Bonaparte coming into power.

  • 1792


    Ending of Slavery
    Cultural event

    This was the gradual Abolition of Slavery across the globe, which began in 1792 with Denmark and finally concluded with Mauritania in 1981.

  • 1914


    World War 1
    Military action

    World War 1, a conflict that began after the assassination of an Austria-Hungary leader, spanned the globe and caused massive destruction in Europe. It left many nations in ruins and set the stage for the far more destructive second world war.

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  • 1929


    The Great Depression
    Financial Event

    A worldwide economic downturn that particularly affected the United States and portions of Europe

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  • 1939

    1 September

    2 September

    World War Two
    Military action

    The Second World War, fought between the Axis and Allied powers, was and still is the single worst war ever fought by humanity. Over 40 million people were killed as a direct result of the fighting, while the effects it had on the world were felt for decades afterwards.

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  • 1939

    1 September

    6 October

    Invasion of Poland
    Military action

    German Forces crossed the border into Poland and attacked the small country from the west, prompting declarations of war by Britain and France. Soviet forces invaded from the east. This attack signaled the start of the Second World War.