Domain 7 Year's war (French and Indian War)
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7 Year's war (French and Indian War)

Military action


A significant war in European History that spanned the globe and played a significant role in starting the American Revolution

The 7 Year's war, known as the French and Indian war within the United States, was a conflict that lasted almost 7 years and spanned much of the world. It was focused on a dispute between Austria and Prussia that caused two opposing coalitions, the French-Austrian coalition and the English-Prussian coalition, to clash. However, it had in some respects begun a few years earlier in the form of clashes between English and French forces in North America. Other nations, such as Russia and Spain, also got involved.   After a lengthy conflict, the war was ended by the Treaties of Paris and Hubertusberg with Britain as the undisputed victor. The empire gained massive holdings in North America, while Frace lost most of their territory. However, the war set in stone the framework of problems that would eventually lead to the American Revolution, particularly due to the serious financial burden placed upon Britain and the nationalist sentiments that victory stirred in the American Colonies.

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