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The universe is big. In the Milky Way Galaxy alone there are millions of stars, with millions of planets orbiting them. We know that at least some of them must harbor life, and that at least some of that life must be intelligent. At least some of that intelligent life must have built civilizations, and at least some of those civilizations must be detectable.   However, we detect nothing. Why? The more I think about this question, the more the answer scares me.
— Dr. Damian Lacktuk, 2236.
  The year is 2267, and humanity is at war. Four years ago, humans encountered an alien species called the Chitiri. Both species initiated first contact in the hopes of learning more about their neighbors and developing a peaceful relationship.   First contact failed.   Driven by mutual suspicious and mistrust, the incident led both species to believe the other was an existential threat; any civilization able to build powerful spaceships is also able to wipe out planets. With extinction on the line, there is only one choice; defeat the other species so badly they can never fight again.   Domain is a semi-hard science fiction story set in the center of a brutal interstellar conflict. It focuses on the men and women who are on the front lines, piloting military warships and sitting in trenches as they fight in a domain where newton's first law reigns supreme.