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"Viper" Main Battle Tank

Put into service just a few years before the Second Colonial War, the M9 Viper is a family of advanced Main Battle Tanks fielded by the United States of North America. These vehicles are deployed by the millions as part of armored regiments and integrated with mechanized infantry forces. Though the base vehicle is aging, it has seen a number of upgrades to keep it up to date in humanity's war against the humans, including integration of an EP Shield (that is the antenna sticking out the back).   See it in action here:

Weapons & Armament

The Viper is armed with a smoothbore 120mm M971 Electro-Thermal Chemical gun. Capable of firing APFSDS, HEAT, HE, and Flechette rounds, it is serviced by an autoloader operated by the technician that can achieve a rate of fire approaching 3 seconds. It is fully stabilized and capable of firing on the move, and has an effective range of about 4 km. It is supported by a coaxial 12.7 machine gun and another mounted just in front of the commander's cupola. Some variants of the vehicle are also equipped with basic laser systems as well for warding off drones and aircraft.   Some tanks are also equipped with basic electronic warfare capabilities (which necessitates the presence of a technician on board).

Armor and defense

The tank has a number of protective systems, including an EP Shield capable of stopping most kinetic and energy rounds. It is equipped with infrared dazzlers on the front, six smoke grenade launchers, ERA panels, and a projectile-based Active Protection System. It can also be equipped with SLAT armor if necessary.

Communication Tools & Systems

The tank is equipped with a full tacticalnet sensors suite, which patches the vehicle in to all relevant communications data like IFF tags, identified threats, waypoints, orders and more, all controlled by human technicians or AI at a nearby CIC, FOB, or AWACS. When working properly, this system can instantaneously transmit and receive information from nearby units; if one tank in a platoon spots an enemy vehicle, the entire group is automatically alerted. However, this system is vulnerable to jamming and electronic warfare, so the tank is also given a simple radio to communicate with nearby vehicles.


The main sensors of the vehicle consist of cameras and backup optical ports for the Driver, gunner, and Commander. The gunner and commander also receive NVDs and Thermal cameras, while the driver receives a basic NVD. The EP shields are controlled via simple motion sensors that can detect incoming weapons fire and pinpoint the trajectory. It is sensitive enough to detect vehicles, but not anything moving below about 50 kph.
Creation Date
4.6 Million NAD
55 tons
90 kph
Complement / Crew
4 (Driver, Gunner, Commander, and Technician)

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