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Duo Episode - Tempting Fate

General Summary

On the morning of the 11th of Alturiak at around eight in the morning, the party set out. A half an hour into their journey Korvan bought a whip and then Lyra stopped to grab a mule, a cart, and some feed. Lyra went in to steal the candlesticks and stole a chest hidden under the throne as well, placed by Destiny of the Endless after her attempt to change history. Following the directive of Destiny of the Endless, The Master returned the candlesticks after she removed them and repaid the adventurers with 100gp. They read his note and he climbed on to the cart with them against their wishes and to their fear. They passed the area Pip was and passed the area they met The Cloak of Sauron. Around ten o'clock they passed Elénaril's Vinyard and headed north. On their ride, Korvan and Lyra discussed his missing brother and her ring, as well as the pull she once had for it. Lyra told Korvan all that The Cloak had offered and they discussed the Ring of Wishes. By midday they were at the intersection that would either take them to Neverwinter or the Dessarin Valley and they stopped for lunch.   After a night's rest and on the morning of the 12th, The Master brought Korvan and Lyra to the cosmic meeting room where Destiny of the Endless congratulated them on their attempt to change time. Destiny told them of the fight to save the universe, he told them that other champions existed and that he would have them join. J'onn J'onzz told them that he was from a timeline where his Champions of Destiny were turned to stone and his league failed to beat Entropy on their own and lost. Information was shared but in the end, Korvan and Lyra agreed to the task. They learned about Keléstia and their rights at a group. Eventually they were sent on their way, they were told to find out what magic protects the planet from the outside.   On the path again they arrived in Rassalantar and met Dragon Hollow whom magically sent for the master of the Halls of Justice and learned that he was looking for Tokin under the care of Arion. He paid for Korvan and Lyra's stay after hiring them to take him to find his compatriot in Amphail. They walked to the keep on the hill and met what they thought was an Elf. He had Lyra tell him her story in its entirety up and to the point of working with Xanathar's Guild. Korvan, having grown suspicious, forced a name from Annatar and told the brief tale  of his life and offered nothing about his brother when Lyra brought it up. Annatar told Lyra of his language and informed her that he is Quendi. He then payed them ten gold to take him to the next town. He then had Lyra, which he knew as Jack, tell him all about her friends. She let slip that there were different universes that can be traveled between before the evening was out.   In the morning, as the 13th dawned upon them, Annatar, Dragon Hollow, Korvan, and Lyra left for Amphail. Upon the 14th, they were fed breakfast in bed courtesy of Dragon Hollow, whom also paid for the rooms. He and Wolfhelm told them all about Dragon Magic and Wolfhelm offered to listen for news of Korvan's brother. In an alleyway they found a letter on a boy who worked at Blodhlar's Wares lying off the side of the road. He was clad in ramshackle armor and the letter was addressed, "To my beloved queens, Kelaryn and Marlyn," and it was a love letter and a thank you. After they got a guard, gave him their name, and told him they didn't stab the boy to death; they then went to Ulvinhand Smithy and bought a thieves tool set and Lyra a shortsword. They bought a few other items before returning and agreeing to ride north with Dragon Hollow. After a meal they sparred by the beautiful lake in Amphail until late in the evening when they were interrupted by a local. They charged forward, toward the local's quest, and found a child trapped by three larges goats.

Missions/Quests Completed

Quest of Fate Started

Character(s) interacted with

Destiny of the Endless, J'onn J'onzz, Annatar, Dragon Hollow, Wolfhelm, and The Master


Notable Party Damage:

  • Korvan has bruises all over his back and torso from a hard day, as well as a scorch mark along his chest from a vial he crushed on The Hood's chest.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Lyra has a gash on her left shoulder from a crossbow bolt.
    Noted Effects: None
Dragon Hallow.jpg
Report Date
18 Nov 2020
Primary Location

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