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You step off your boat onto the pier of Rasell and immediately understand why it's been hailed as the most beautiful place in Kersir. Buildings of white stone, engraved and painted with beautiful designs, rise up all around you. Their domed roofs are made of glass, and their windows are colored. An ocean breeze cools your skin, battling against the desert heat, as you walk along the light stone streets. Shops have their doors thrown open, and painters have their easels set up at the edges of the road to capture the beauty of the city. People greet each other everywhere with smiles and hellos, never failing to be polite and inviting. As you step into a cafe, the smell of sugarcane hits your nose and your mouth waters...  
  Rasell is a country that broke off of Eilis after the Eastern Invasion. It values growth and beauty, and it's known for its beautiful architecture and lush gardens. Since it's on the coast, it has much more moisture than the rest of Kersir and is able to grow more plant life. It also gets an ocean breeze, and it's a favorite vacation spot because of its position on the coast and its cleanliness. Rasell was the first to use an underground sewage system, which then spread to the rest of Kersir (except Veldan).


Rasell strongly values growth and beauty, and encourages creativity in all spheres of life. Its architecture is not only functional, but also intricately designed and often features plant life. Some would say they like to show off the fertility of their land--and it might even be true--but they're also driven by a desire to incorporate the beauty of the natural world around them into their lives and art.   Rasellans are generally welcoming to visitors, seeking to learn of other cultures and the beauties that lie therein. They also believe that knowledge of others helps them to grow as individuals and as a culture, something they're always striving for.   As a part of their growth, Rasell seeks to throw off much of the strict tradition inherent in their Eilisian roots and strives to find balance in their practices and behavior. While they retain some of their Eilian trappings (including some of their magic), they seek to forge their own culture and ideals.

Agriculture & Industry

Rasell is well-known for its fertility and plant life. Its best-known export is its wine, but it also produces an abundance of figs, dates, almonds, leafy greens, seafood, citruses, tea, sugar cane, olives, and honey.   As far as industry is concerned, Rasell is home to many painters, sculptors, and glass-blowers and exports these artistic productions. It also provides architects to neighboring countries, in some cases. Rasell believes in creativity and innovation, and thus has been the source of some technological advancements such as underground plumbing.
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
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