Divine Domains

Arba is the only god in Deseran who is believed to be god of everything. He's believed to have created everything and to be sovereign over all things.

Holy Books & Codes

The Veldan-Arba Creed

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Arba wishes to reconcile his people to himself.
Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Arba is known by many different names. Arba is his name in Veldani, so it's the most widely circulated since the Veldani are his chosen people. Arba translates to "Father." Sometimes this title is expanded into "Veldan-Arba," which is "Father of Veldan," a name that references the man Arba first spoke to after the rift between Arba and mankind. Other Veldani names include Salmun-Arba (Saving-Father), Almath-Arba (Perfect-Father), Alshiva-Arba (Valiant-Father), Seadi-Arba (Just-Father), and Curafa-Arba (Healing-Father).   In Sachara, he's known as Aomlan, which translates to holy, perfect, complete, etc. It's a name that implies not only that he is holy and whole, but that he is what provides that wholeness to others.   His name in Virilia is Subet-Than, translating to All-God or Complete-God.   In Mordon he's Baylat-Qusagiin (Utmost Conqueror).   In Eilis he's Satyq (Truth).   Teraco simply knows him as Taniil (God).   Osanar knows him as Hiyueti (Life-Giver)   In Piradin, he's known as Puam-Arba, which combines the Piradi word "Peace" with the Veldani "Father."   In Rasell his name is Shiyatrili, "Creator."


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