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Teraco is a trading empire, and people from all over the world come in to trade and mingle with other cultures that are adopted into Teraco. As a result, Teraco has grown extremely diverse and is home to an abundance of lore, gossip, and entertainment that can't be found elsewhere, at least not without traveling to some far-off country. Their diversity extends to cuisine, fashion trends, schools, and even religion (to a degree). The whole atmosphere of Teraco is vibrant and exciting, and they welcome anyone and everyone into their fold.   But there's also a darker side to Teraco that is feared and deeply respected. Despite their emphasis on unity, they can be quite elitist and have a profitable slave market. They also have no qualms about achieving unity through conquest if and when diplomacy fails, and their ever-growing military is a force that could easily wipe out almost any army that attempted to come against it.

Public Agenda

Teraco is dedicated to the concept of all things being one with each other. They believe that this is true in a spiritual sense, and they strive to make it true in a temporal sense as well by expanding their boundaries and taking all cultures under their umbrella to unite their resources and strengths into one global empire that reflects the spiritual reality that the Teraki believe in.

Demography and Population

Since so many cultures come together in Teraco, it’s accepting of all religions, customs, etc. However, this leads to conflicts between the factions living there and tensions frequently run high. To minimize this as much as possible, Teraki cities are often split into regions that cater to various cultures. Likewise, some cities and entire regions are primarily occupied by one culture or another. Since Teraco conquers (or absorbs) its neighboring countries one by one, these divides began naturally. Some of the natural divides have softened over time, while some artificial divides have been purposefully constructed to minimize conflict.


Teraco's territory stretches across the entire southern half of its continent, and it's still seeking to expand.

Foreign Relations

Teraco aims to be on peaceable terms with as many neighboring nations as possible, so that trade will flow and so that those nations might be more willing to submit to Teraki rule in the future. This is currently true of their relationships with Virilia, Mordon, and The Naftin... though it's highly suspected that the "pirates" who began capturing Virilen merchant ships and selling Virilens to Teraco as slaves were under Teraki employ, so that relationship is no longer so smooth as it once was.   Teraco's general policy with regard to the nations under its jurisdiction is to allow them as much freedom as possible without undermining Teraco's interests... though Teraki representatives in such countries may slowly nudge the culture in a direction that is more in keeping with Teraco's culture as a whole. They like to be seen as benevolent caretakers, staying in the wings unless they're needed, though they're more involved in the politics of their sub-nations than most realize.
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
The most common form of currency is the Tiila, but bartering is also common in Teraki marketplaces.
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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