History of Turan

  • 20 PoA

    Founding of the Grand Arcane Academy
    Construction beginning/end

    May or may not have been founded by Agranthor... and the date may or may not be a few decades off.

  • 360 PoA

    Founding of the Aemark Kingdom

    Ah, the great Markus the First, who we must thank for the current state of affairs... including the miserable status of Conclave elves

  • 471 PoA

    Relocation of the Grand
    Construction beginning/end

    The old campus was purchased by one of the wealthiest familes in Aemark, who fastidiously limit the public from entering.

  • 583 PoA

    Founding of Aeleatir

    The treetop city... now an unimpressive series of shambles at the feet of the irontrees.

    Elven Conclave
  • 1043 PoA

    12 /3

    Summoning of Velzix
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    The start of all my troubles. Why? Just... why?