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Conclave Elf

It's weird to read about your own cultural group. Must be even weirder to write.

While numbering no more than a five thousand, the elves of the Conclave within the Aemark Kingdom are notably different than their Xanthun cousins. The primary contrast between Xanthun and Conclave elves is their regard for tradition, with Conclave elves being far more likely to uphold prior rituals and methods than Xanthun elves. This has resulted in a somewhat stagnant, though satisfied, culture.  
Conclave Elf - MIndcept
Conclave Elf by SK Kage (via MidJourney)
Originally founded by Aele the Explorer three and a half centuries ago, the Conclave formerly known as Aeleatir was rapidly grown from irontree seeds and fashioned from the resulting trees using elven magic. The unusual choice of a tree-city lended itself well to protection, but limited innovation, food production, and trade significantly, stunting the colony's expansion in favor of isolation. As Aele had put it to visiting scholars, "We crossed the Aexan Channel, traveled hundreds of miles, and built a colony from its starting seeds, all for the purpose of living in peace and not being bothered. With that in mind, I'll throw you out on your ass if that's quite alright with you." (The scholar in question politely declined the ass-throwing.)   As the Aemark Kingdom embarked on its expansionist ambitions, Aeleatir was eventually placed under siege and eventually forced the elves to the ground. Though the cultural ramifications of hostilities have given rise to racist tendencies in some of Aemark, nearby towns came to find that the treaty signed between Aemark and the Conclave mandated trade, which was minimal before. Conclave elves continued to provide and trade various herbs and medicines, but the additional requirement of armaments for the military resulted in specialized carpenters and, in particular, bowyers.   A Conclave bow made of ironbark is substantially more powerful and durable than traditional woods and, when combined with the elven expertise honed over centuries, results in bows of exceptional quality. Similarly, when the Conclave is provided with appropriate metals, masterfully crafted lances and polearms are requisitioned by the Aemark military. Surplus goods beyond what is required by the military are sold to passing merchants, providing the Conclave with a steady stream of income.

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Need to drum up business? Driving awareness for your mission? Please contact Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat for further information.   Guess our Conclave can't be bothered to advertise. Or maybe they feel its beneath them. Probably both.
Written by Sheyla Enelladalcol Aeleat

Edited by Shikya Enelladalcol Aeleat

Mindcepts by Ella Enelnasalcol Malric

Cover image: Conclave Elf by SK Kage (via MidJourney)


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