Wobbles Beren

Champion Wobbles Beren (a.k.a. Pock)

A Champion of Master Durthmeck Rockhewer, this Gnome Barbarian was integral to the founding of The Champions Order. From a young age, Wobbles found excitement in taking on insurmountable odds and used his emotions to his advantage. Though not formally trained in the art of Barbarianism, his ability to leverage his rage to benefit him against any challenge was unmatched even in comparison to much larger opponents. His abilities, gruff demeanor, and no nonsense attitude made him a perfect Champion, one that would go on to construct one of the most revered and capable fighting forces ever to be brought into existence.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the Beren clan of Briskhollow on the shores of Fairfog, Wobbles grew up with 7 close brothers and sisters. The largest of his family he consistently was called upon for feats of strength throughout his life.
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