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Originally created by Fey Primordials to mimic faeries, Gnomes are an inquisitive and resourceful race. Curious and inventive beings, Gnomes embody a profound connection to nature and the wonders of the world. With their small stature and insatiable curiosity, Gnomes bring an element of whimsy and ingenuity to the realms they inhabit. You will find Gnomes in almost every corner of the continent and usually will be willing to help you out, if its worth it to them.


Anatomy & Morphology

Gnomes are known for their diminutive size, often standing no taller than 3 to 4 feet. Despite their small stature, Gnomes possess a surprising amount of energy and agility. Their physical build is delicate and graceful, allowing them to move with nimbleness and finesse.   Gnomes exhibit a diverse range of appearances. Their hair comes in a variety of vibrant colors, including shades of red, brown, blonde, and even vibrant greens or blues. They have expressive eyes, often shimmering with curiosity and mischief, and their skin tones can range from fair to deep earthy tones.   Their features reflect a youthful exuberance, with pointed ears and mischievous smiles that seem to eternally hint at a playful nature. Gnomes often adorn themselves with colorful and whimsical clothing, embracing individuality and personal expression.

Geographic Origin & Distribution

Gnomes feel an affinity for the natural world, and their homes and settlements often reflect this deep connection. They can be found in hidden enclaves nestled within lush forests, deep within caves, or even concealed in the heart of ancient trees. Gnomish communities coexist harmoniously with the natural surroundings, emphasizing their role as guardians and protectors of nature's balance.   While Gnomes prefer secluded habitats, they are not entirely isolated. They interact with other races and often establish trade relationships, sharing their inventions, knowledge, and unique perspectives with the wider world. Gnomish settlements may serve as hubs of innovation and discovery, attracting visitors who seek their expertise in magical artifacts, clockwork marvels, and natural lore.

Culture & Cultural Heritage

Gnomish culture thrives on curiosity and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. They are voracious learners, exploring the realms with a childlike wonder, always seeking to uncover secrets and unravel the mysteries of the world. Their natural affinity for magic and technology drives them to tinker, invent, and create extraordinary contraptions that blend enchantment and machinery.   Artistry and creativity are highly valued among Gnomes. They express their talents through various forms, including music, sculpture, storytelling, and intricate craftsmanship. Gnomish art often reflects the beauty of nature, incorporating organic shapes and vibrant colors.   Gnomish society embraces a spirit of community and cooperation. They live in close-knit groups, sharing their knowledge and discoveries freely among their kin. Gnomes also cherish the bonds they forge with other races, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and collaborative endeavors.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Most Gnomes have an innate interest in creation and invention. Tinkerers by nature, many of the technological advancements throughout the world were brought to light by Gnomes. Even at a young age, this race typically exceeds others in book learning and conceptual thinking leading many Gnomes to leave organized schooling much earlier than their classmates.

Civilization and Culture

Historical Figures

Lanrick Swiftwhisper
Zinlin Twiceblessed
Genetic Ancestor(s)
350-400 years
Average Height
approx. 3-4 feet tall
Average Weight
40 lbs
Average Physique
Small and Agile


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