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Zymera Castelle

Level 1 Half-Elf Ranger

One doesn't always expect a wealthy merchant's daughter to spend her times gardening with members of Verdant Circle, but Zymera's love of the natural has pulled her away from the trappings of high society and toward the idealism of the druid collective. She has formed a close bond with her raven companion, whom she considers her closest friend and confidant.

Now imprisoned, betrayed, and without hope of escape, Zymera is finding that she shall have neither the life she rejected, nor the life she chose.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A life of luxury in Hollowsong Hills was never going to work for Zymera. She had no interest in being a salt trader, no interest in the petty politics of the city, and no interest in the constant badgering from her parents to straighten up. She would often leaveĀ Vantam to explore the surrounding lands, and that is how she fell in with Verdant Circle. Their reverence for and connection with nature called to her in a way the city life never had, and she began spending more and more time at The Allgarden. This further alienated her from her parents. Among the city elite, Verdant Circle is known as an upstart collective of idealists trying their best to stifle Vantam's glorious progress. Zymera's association with the collective was something of an embarrassment to her parents.

Her parents reacted harshly. They forbade Zymera from leaving the city and began reaching out to other prominent families in search for a suitor. They believed that a husband would tame Zymera's wandering spirit and force her to take the family business seriously. Their search led them to Isaac Juvellis.

Isaac was quiet and unassuming at first, and his utter mediocrity left Zymera wondering why her parents were so dead set on keeping him around. It wasn't long before she became convinced he was using enchantments to manipulate her parents. When she confronted them about it, they wouldn't hear a word against him, and insisted she would be married immediately. The confrontation came to a head when Isaac tried to magically coerce Zymera herself, and in self-defense she attacked him. Enforcement was called in, and she found herself betrayed by her own parents, still under Isaac's charm. She was hauled away for attempted murder, and is now doing time at Shorebend Correctional Facility. She can only assume that Isaac has assumed full control of her family's assets at this point. In her eyes, the whole lot of them can burn.

Gender Identity

Neutral Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
1035 AM 18 Years old
Long Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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