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Prince Dev's announcement on 5th of Crab Moon, 3441 S.E.

This article is now non-canon due to rewrites in the story. I still like the article, so it will still be here for your eyes to read. Enjoy :)


This announcement was made to explain to the people of Darta, and outside the kingdom, of king Edon's sudden death. The explanation was not the full truth, but it was a necessary lie that no one knew of anyway. It was also made to explain what would happen with the throne and the following repercussions of the regent's death.

Document Structure


The document starts of with a greeting and a setting of the rather grim/sad tone.
Prince Devian goes into that serious tone and delivers the news about his father's passing. Simple and plain, almost factual.
He then explains that the family will take some time to mourn, and so can the people. They are also preparing the funeral.
The announcement takes on a lighter tone; Devian will go through the cloaking and coronation, and he will be marrying Perilla Evertree. There will be great celebrations in the city and all over the kingdom.
He finishes off by inviting the audience to follow him into this new era, and thanks them for their support.

Publication Status

The document that Devian read from during the live announcement is a private document which is not accessible to anyone other than Devian himself and a select few. That specific document has notes scribbled on the sides, to aid Devian in the speech itself.

Transcriptions were spread in newspapers all along the country, and widely available to the masses. It was important that the information came out correctly, and newspapers were reviewed before printed.

Legal status

The announcement is valid under the kingdom of Darta, and the Altari Family.

Historical Details


After king Edon Altari is murdered by Zeg Ward, the remaining members of the royal house needed to come up with a believable cover up. As severe and deadly illnesses were not that uncommon, it was an easy option out. The royal family told the close vicinity that king Edon Altari had suddenly fallen deeply ill, and that he would only take visitors in the close family. This gave them time to craft a good alternative story, and when they were ready to come out, they could just fake that the king died a couple of days later than his actual death.


This marks the start of Devian's rule as king of Darta and the head of the Altari family. Even though Devian isn't cloaked nor crowned, he takes over the power from his late father.

Public Reaction

The king was a beloved leader, and many citizens mourned his death. But, the message also carried the good news of Devian's coronation and cloaking, as well as a marriage, which would all bring a celebration for the ages. No one says no to a party, right?

There are always those who are suspicious of everything, and this situation was no different. Nobles who had closer contact with the royal house than any other peasant saw strange behaviors around the subject of the king. They thought themselves close enough to be invited into the closest circle around Edon Altari, but were baffled when the doors shut in front of their noses. This lingering suspicion has caused some individuals to try to crack the egg of secrecy, either through socializing or bribing guards and other workers in the castle. But, no one has found any actual evidence of anything out of order.

Before this sudden shift, Devian had not had many chances at showing his skills in leadership publicly. Some people were worried that he was too inexperienced and meek, especially compared to his younger sister Terin who had always had a strong will and immediate respect from everyone in her vicinity. It took a while before Devian had proved himself enough to earn the full respect of a king.


King Edon Altari's murder was hidden for a long time, and only came to light a century after the event. The Altari family (Devian, Seline, Terin and Iris) did not have to face any repercussions in their time, and they could even keep the secret of the king's genocide of the Denurians. During Devian's reign he worked to repay those left in the rubble of the sewage system rebuild. He did this with a low profile and tried to make sure to meet all the survivors and their families in person. He also sent out a small team to find remains of the Denurians, which he then kept safe in the castle until they could be researched and displayed with respect in the capital's museum.
Record, Transcript (Communication)
Authoring Date
4th of Crab Moon, 3441 S.E
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)
Written for Summer Camp 2023: an important public announcement that one person adressed to many.


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