Forge World

Forge Worlds are planets governed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. They have city sized factoriums, test sites, forges, laboratories, storage buildings, and the necessary structures to build, outfit & maintain the God-Machines of the Adeptus Titanicus. Many have extensive docks for ships, both building them, and maintaining them. Many are controlled by different specialised branches of the Mechanicus who obsessively work towards certain particularities. Mars is the original Forge World, and many of the inhabitants are cybernetically enhanced to the point of being more machine than human.


Forge Worlds are usually ruined worlds where little survives out in the wastes, and those that do are artificial in design. The only Thing that stands out are the forges of the Omnissiah. These huge structures are the city forges of the Cult Mechanicus, and some are specialised, whilst others general. Some worlds are almost completely covered in metal, plastic, and other artificial substances, and others show the remains of previous industry. Almost mothing of a forge world's original geography remains. Most have been heavily changed over the millennia, such as with the dumping of slag, chemical & biological run-off, or from heavy mining operations.


On every forge world the ecosystem doesn't exist. Everything is run by the Adepts of the Cult Mechanicus.

Ecosystem Cycles

No such cycles exist any more on these worlds.

Localized Phenomena

Electrical & dust storms can appear frequently in many regions of a forge world, along with acid rain & chemical gas clouds. Radiation or plasma storms can occur on some. Sinkholes from abandoned mines, and collapsing areas of old ruins cause other major problems. All are exceedingly deadly, and can kill even the hardened bodies of the enhanced Mechanicus, their servants, as well as an Adeptus Astartes if they are not careful.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of each forge world is strange. Little nature-based organisms remain, and those that do are either mutated by the wastes of the worlds they hail from, or are the discarded remains of the Ordo Biologus of the Mechanicus. Quite a few forge worlds have artificial lifeforms present, mainly in the form of mechanised organisms that were dumped, or thought destroyed. Automatons with a life of their own can be found hiding away, and a few are run by Scrapcode, the Chaos-infused programming that corrupted many machines during the Horus Heresy.

Natural Resources

STCs (Standard Template Cores) or at least parts of them, can be found buried away on many forge worlds. These hold the ancient all-encompassing scientific knowledge of early Mankind, and seen as the scared texts of the Omnissiah. Many archeotech items exist buried or hidden away too, awaiting rediscovery by those who search for such treasures. Much of the scrap that is found could technically be reused / recycled but the amount of raw resources that pour into each forge world more than keep each going almost indefinitely.


The first forge world was Mars, which was already terraformed. The Cult Mechanicus took hold early on, and the sciences took off readily due to the needs of the settlers. In it's long history it weathered many storms, and led to a burgeoning powerhouse of heavy industry, experimental sciences and technology. They believed then as they do now, that there is a divine spark in machines and artificial constructs. During the War of Iron, true AI was forbidden from then on due to it developing sentience. During this time the Ring of Iron was also built around Mars creating a space-side dockyard around the whole of the planet.   All the while explorator fleets were sent out into deep space to explore the galaxy, and many settled their own planets. From these, other major Mechanicus forge worlds were born, many of which specialised in certain technologies that still to this day have to be filed & recorded on Mars. Many lesser Mechanicus planets also exist usually with their own specialities or tied to more productive worlds.   These were all affected by the Horus Heresy, some remaining Loyal, others turning traitor, and others the sites of battles between both sides.
"There is no truth in flesh, only betrayal. There is no strength in flesh, only weakness. There is no constancy in flesh, only decay. There is no certainty in flesh but death"   -Credo Omnissiah
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