Dark Heresy

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The 41st Millennium., a Dark Age like no other. Humanity has took to the stars, and created a realm of perpetual war. Darkness rules, and a strong arm is always needed. This is especially true in the Imperium of Man, the domain of the God-Emperor. Legions march to war, some billions of guardsmen, super soldiers such as the Adeptus Astartes, and the Adeptus Mechanicus. Others are more subtle, like the Adeptus Assassinorium, and the dreaded Inquisition.   This is the stories of one such band of Inquisition members. Sent to the stars to investigate, evaluate, condemn, and destroy, whether by blade, bullet, or exterminatus. Nothing will stop the Holy Inquisition in it's path to cleanse the mutant, the heretic, the xenos. All are guilty, none are pure, and all shall fall. Only Humanity in it's purity can survive, and thrive.   No mercy is to be expected, and on any world, there are always some 'thig' to be rooted out. In the darkness, the flames of purity shall spread, and in this grim darkness, there is only war.