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Small, dark creatures

The plandum is quite weak Dark Entity found all over Dysvoll. The plandom is a small shadowy creature, with no clear beginning or end, and two big yellow glowing eyes. They are not known to be especially violent or aggressive compared to other dark entities, but they can still be a real annoyance and pain to deal with.  

A weak dark creature

Plandums are some of the weakest of the known dark entities, they have a smaller amount of primal darkness within them to keep them sustained. This means, that they cannot take much sunlight before they've used up their reserved dark energy, and they eventually die. Most plandums only last about 3-5 minutes in the sun before dying.  


Due to its aversion to sun, the plandums usually exist in dark and dense forests or other places with many constant shadows and dark areas. Here, they hide out during the sunny hours of the day, and in the night they roam around.   They've been known to hide out in houses, especially in attics or basements, when they have been unable to make it back to their usual hiding spot.  

House infestations

When a plandum makes its way into a house, it's usually quite a pest. It eats the food it can find, chews on clothes and garments and knock things over.   The easiest way to get rid of a plandum infestation is to simply trap the plandum in a corner and hold a lantern or other light source up to them. They will either flee outside, and die if it is light outside, or the lantern light will be enough to end them.  

Plandom group formations

One thing that you must be aware of, when dealing with plandums, is that they can conglomerate together multiple plandoms at a time. When they do that, they become a bit stronger and can be harder to deal with.
Plandum by Ninne124
Plandum, done in paint with a touchpad mouse, it's all I had access to, I apologise.
  Type: Dark Entity   Originates from: Fae Realms (dark realms)   Found in: Fae Realms, Dysvoll

Cover image: by Ninne124


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