A small town in Etherea located approximately five days ride south of Araniae.


Vela has one of the larger Elbri populations in Etherea (roughly 40%), as it's within close proximity to much of the kingdom's farmland. The town survives mostly on farming, but also does some fishing and trading along the XX River.


Vela is run by Lord XX, who lives in a large manor overlooking the town from a hill. Lord XX take tithes from several minor lords in the vicinity, and is responsible for ensuring fair tithes and taxes are sent to the capital. A small group of ministers advise him on day-to-day happenings in the city.


The bulk of Vela is protected by stout walls and watchtowers. A town watch can be called to defend the city in an emergency, and like all of Etherea's settlements, is equipped with a magical beacon that can be used to send for help from Araniae.

Industry & Trade

Besides farming and baking, Vela houses a variety of craftsmen shops that cater to the citizens' needs. Vela requires little in the way of imports besides stone and lumber for new buildings or repairs, though those needs are rare. The grain, flour, and bread they export more than makes up for what they need to buy.


Wheat is the primary commodity grown on the farms around Vela, and as such, Vela has established several mills which turn out some of the best flour in the kingdom. A number of bakeries have also made the town famous for their superior bread.

Guilds and Factions

Bakers Guild Due to its famous baking, Vela is home to the second largest guildhouse for the Bakers Guild.   Temple to Florian Vela is also home to the largest temple to Florian outside of Araniae. As such, worship of Florian is particularly prevalent, and his priests sometimes border on fanatical if they feel not enough attention has been given to him by the populace.


As with most of Etherea's towns and cities, Vela is built mostly of stone as a counter-measure against dragon fire. The larger Elbri population has led to many newer buildings bearing Elbri architecture, which feature more blockish structures than Etherean buildings.


Vela sits squarely on the Evrani Plain, surrounded by Etherea's best farmland. It straddles the XX River, which flows south toward the Enchanted Wood from Lake Tianylla. A single hill overlooks the town, where the lord's manor is located.
approx. 5,000
Owning Organization


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