Sigil of Leowin

I myself hold the privilege of having born witness to the bequeathal of the Sigil of Leowin. The crowning of a new king is a once in a lifetime event and to have set mine own eyes on the Sigil as it passed between generations, let alone to stand a mere few feet from the object, is a rarity in and of itself. Legend holds that our first King of Cadris wore the Sigil openly on his chest as a symbol of power; these days that's such a strange thought as now we only get a fleeting glance at the Sigil in the bequeathal ceremony. To think of those that work in the company of the King but are unable to see such a magnificent item of power that rests on his chest no differently than that of a common piece of jewelry.
~ Nemas Strongsong
  The Sigil of Leowin is a medallion that is the symbol of power that the ruling King of Cadris wears to convey his position as sovereign over the land. It's origins are unknown save it was carried by Leowin Warber who became¬† King Vantage I at the end of Leowin's War forming the Kingdom of Cadris¬†. It is said that the future king drew his power from the medallion, and it's this power that led to the eventual success in the war and his ultimate ascension to godhood.   Tradition holds that the reigning King of Cadris wears the Sigil under their robes next to their heart, as it's said that this naked contact ensures the transference of power to the wearer and fills the wearer with divine energy over their lifetime. The Sigil is bequeathed to a member of the royal family who will succeed the king upon his death. When the reigning monarch passes, it's said that the body remains and the king joins King Vantage I with the gods. After the kings passing the royal court holds a bequeathal ceremony to formalize the lineage of the Kingdom. It is only during this bequeathal ceremony that anyone is allowed to set their eyes upon the Sigil. As per tradition, the new King wears the Sigil on the outside of their clothes for one full day after being crowned as the new king. After that the Sigil is hidden from all to gaze upon save the King.   The Medallion that Leowin Warber wore was a simple three inch copper disk inlaid with symbols and attached to a rough chain of steel. However, once he passed away the Sigil was given to Elven craftsmen who worked the Medallion into what it is today, an opulent and beautiful piece inlaid with precious gems and other precious metals.

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