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Dalmestra is a place of magic and mystery. The denizens of the world believe that the planet is the result of a battle between epic titans who's slain bodies are the foundations of the continents. It's this deep magic that it's peoples believe power the world of Dalmestra and it's to these Titans that the people pray.   However, a seed of modernity has taken hold in Dalmestra in the south of the main continent in the Kingdom of Cadris where the use of magic is considered base and demeaning. The Kingdom has outlawed the use of magic across the Kingdom and seeks to push it's dominion across the world in an effort to bring modern life to the people of Dalmestra.   Despite the efforts of the Kingdom, the world of Dalmestra is rich in magic, and the belief that there is a physical source of magic runs rampant across the world. Many adventurers have sought this source of magic either in an effort to understand the world or as a means to gaining fame and fortune.


Hammer's Bane

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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