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Juvab Heku

Heku Juvab

This under graduated historian, is the one the master of the School of Yesterday select to seek the thruth. As a member of the ancient house of historians the motto they recite when are accepted into the house is: "the truth above all". There is something odd about the way the lider of the minos, Zhek Ayori , and hedmaster of the is acting since the first part of an ancient prophecy became a reality.   This prophecy is linked to the 12 prophetic runes a dormant artifact that a couple of day activate: The firts rune gloow and float in the air.   Now, Juvab Heku, has the runes and need to reach the Arendort, the steel city, because the next piece of the puzzle to uncover the truth

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He became a favorite of the school of the yesterday shogun, Anap Makin  not only because his almost perfect memory of hisorical facts but the way he can link them as a web in his mind, then find inconsistencies.   Working with the shogun they find that not only in the way the The two four war is redacted, that is what he spected as part of the victorius side, but in more ancient events, in the recods of the elven and dwarven historians, something is out of place or in a place that no paper has record of creation nor transport nor even beings related to it.    That "object" was know as the The great mirror the history is shoudred in mistery


As an Historian in the school of yesterday
Current Status
On his way to the steel city
Current Residence
Dark brown, large
Black in the body and copper in the head
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Brown, lot of hair
2.10 m
300 Kg
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Minos Dwarven Gnome some ancient languaje runes


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