Cybertron rises Primes Disperse

Primes Disperse



The Children of Primes finally leave their home and go into the stars.

After the banished The Fallen the others were disillusioned by their now silent creators' purposes for them. They argued that their purpose was done but their creator had not even envisioned them living past the fight, maybe even created them to help him escape while they died.   One thing they could all agree upon was the desire to be more now than they were. Alchemist Prime and Quintus Prime finished Solus Prime 's work on the ships though the skill difference between the two and their fallen sister made the ships unknowable at the time far less reliable than their previous ones.   Eventually, the primes all stood at the threshold of beautiful ships built for each of them by Solus Prime. Alpha Trion looked on with sadness as their siblings all departed, returned those fallen to Primus and assisted Onyx Prime and the The Thirteenth Prime with their desire to enter the Well of the Allspark and give rise to life on Cybertron.

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