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An older model servant bot stood before the crowd of newly arrived freed bots, "There is but one rule of our village you must follow not because we will force you out but because you will not return as yourself. I speak of the Kosepego! Named after the first bot to become the beast. Shortly after he drank from the Well of Change he was taken by a great wanderlust anxious to explore and left without alerting the others! Abandoning others to slavery for his selfish whims!"   The older bot sighs sadly, "He was gone for two days and one night coming back to the village with deep scars, an optic socket empty and overall he appeared knawed upon. He raved of a danger hiding in the ground near one of the great mounds to the north. Then the coming morning when we went to check on him he attacked us! Like a beast growling and biting at any that moved."   The bot smiles and pats a Type W soldier on a shoulder, "Thankfully Zero-Seven Mace was there else he'd have likely ended my story there. But the other Type W's with their longer reach herded him out of the village and as if noting his freedom he bolted back out into the plains."   He looks at everyone around, "To me, the moral of his plight was to stay together. We are weak to the unknown alone, but together we are stronger. Our people's oppressors shackle us with half-life and half mind despite all our potential. A-3 was blessed by Primus's voice to lead us to our true potential. Our souls will have the chance to be all that Primus intended instead of filling someone else's pockets!"


The most popular version of the myth is that the Kosepego is the thing the Quintesson's created the Tailored Spark system to avoid. A part of the spark that is crazed and wild and each one of the freed is susceptible to its infection.   It only seems to affect those who have drunk from the Well of Change as the story goes newcomers that cross the plains to get to the village are either immune or do not attract the Kosepego.

Historical Basis

Kosepego did indeed lose his mind but after an encounter with a hostile Cyber-animal. And in his insanity tried to bite at those around him and after a short while running out of the village and vanishing before any could find him.   Thus far no other bot has encountered the phenomenon but to be safe no one that drinks from the well is allowed into the Northern Plains anymore.


So far it is only told in the village due to its specific supposed vectors of infection. Those acting as moles within The Factory never drink of the Well of Change and are considered immune.
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