Crusaders of Light

"Everything changed when the demon nation attacked."

Crusaders of Light is an international and inter-species alliance that formed as a response to a newly launched wave of demon attacks all thorough the continent. Its purpose is to streamline communications between affected areas be it mundane or magical. What started as a voluntary military pact between individuals quickly gained on momentum and it is now the core defense organisation standing between all living beings and complete annihilation. As the land is being ravaged yet again, the banners of these crusaders provide a glimmer of hope in these dark times.


The main goal of this alliance is to thwart the ongoing demon invasion and regain all territories lost to corruption, where there's still chance for life's recovery. While the organisations in this massive international structure have their own motivation, guidelines and code of conduct - all official members (knights) have to follow the same code, which assures the same obligations and privileges to all who swore the oath, no matter the nationality or personal background of the individuals.

Crusaders of Light Structure

This alliance quickly soared among the most powerful entities in the world of modern politics. It has done a lot for improving relations among the magical and mundane nations, but power attracts all kinds of people and intrigues go with politics hand in hand. What has quickly risen can also quickly fall.

While anyone willing to help fight the demon onslaught is welcomed, not everyone can become a knight. It takes months sometimes even years, despite the fact that the alliance itself hasn't been around for long. The destiny of the entire world might be at stake and Crusaders of Light take that very seriously.   Depending on your skills and means at your disposal you would either remain a cooperating individual providing a one-off assistance or you could join a banner (small branch of the crusaders) and become a squire. Squires get formally employed by the certain organisation with the hope that they might one day join the knights themselves. But if a person decides that they do not wish to continue climbing the ladder of glory, they can be squires indefinitely.   Every member who wants to become a knight needs to make a formal magical oath and for that, he needs permission from a member of the inner circle that their banner falls under and 5 written recommendations from other knights. The oaths take place with multiple witnesses in a special room of the Oraculum and knights-to-be recite the promise to serve and protect peace and then sign a magical scroll. Those who cannot speak for one reason or another trace the magical seal on that document with their blood.

If a knight breaks their oath, every single other knight will feel the bond between them snapping and given the number of knights, the magical echo of this might be so big it could result in some serious medical complications, especially for people who are old or don't have natural magical affinity. With that, the alliance falls and all contracts are nullified. Given the severity of the demon crusade, the amount of international cooperation this alliance made possible and also the rigorous questioning that precedes allowing a new knight taking their oath, every single member of this alliance believes that the only possible end to this alliance is if they are all slaughtered by demons and life would cease to exist as we know it.

Current Representatives of the Inner Circle:

The Inner Circle holds their daily meetings in the Oraculum, where a special room with truth runes inscribed into its walls was devoted specifically to their meetings. No one else but the members inner circle are allowed to enter, unless wearing a magical signet granting them passage. While everyone has an equal say in what matters are being discussed and what plans need developing, only the Commander issues orders.   Ava Kapet: Formerly known as one of the duchesses of the Familica organization, she is now the chief of the intelligence offices of Almandia and their governmental representative. She is by far the most secretive person in the circle, but also the most calculative one. She is able to come up with plans and solutions to situations that seem utterly hopeless.   Diaraonna: She is High Istra of the Midnight Court and technically also a princess of the Evegreen Court, due to her recent marriage with their prince who is also a member of the inner circle. This political union between these two courts is the main reason why the Celestials stepped into this alliance and offer much needed flight assistance to the cause. She is the only one of her kind who remains voluntarily earth-bound.   Iohannes Muid: Dreamscaper and deputy director of the Chromatic Academy. The youngest member of the Inner Circle, he stepped in and took an oath after his master was heavily wounded during the rescue of Halleg.   Richart Anwar: Vaiectian minister of commerce, eldest son of the deceased president of Vaiectia. While some people consider him to be too shy to be a good politician, he has already proven many of those voices wrong. Vaiectian government provides skilled engineers and food supplies.   Naola Suuna: She is the prime minister of Eterania, a skilled sharpshooter and a former gunsmith. Eteranian government supplies a lot of the special munitions needed to blow up some demons.   Marquesa Giovanna Isidore: She is the current Pierdian minister of war, her father was one of the Pierdian diplomats targeted by the terrorist plot in 1939. Guerrilla fighting is the strength of this little nation and their knights.   Duchess of the Marsh: No one knows her true name or those of her kin. The language of Deep Faes is very difficult to learn or to translate as there was previously very little communication between the air born folk and the water creatures. All the Deep Faes knights made their oaths by copying the magical glyph with their blood while other members of the Fae nations explained what exactly it means to their representatives. Duchess mostly communicates through drawings and the main focus is keeping the water streams clean to prevent poisoning of the nature and heavy damages that could not be reverted in the future and would sooner or later affect the entire continent.   Commander Morgan: He is the best astromancer within the alliance and as such, he is the one who sits at the top. Astromancy is the art of clairvoyance and while other members provide intel, commander's job is to decide which future is the most promising and with the least amount of causalities. No one is allowed to argue and dispute his orders, as everyone in the inner circle is influenced by a truth spell and any malicious intent would be imediatelly discovered. Because future is an uncertain thing even though you know where to look for the possible outcomes, mistakes can happen if one doesn't have all the information available about a certain topic. By accepting command, Morgan resigned on being a director of the Astromancy College.

Servitors of Peace

Founding Date
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
Crusaders, Shinies
Leader Title
Kazi Ingrid Krasnicka: She is the Supreme Witch of Bohemia, the most powerful of them all, and the current head of the Magi Collegium. Besides this she is also a master strategist and led magical defense forces during the siege of Taresh during the Great War. She is the one deciding which groups of magicians will go where and tackle which problem.   General Eduard Vasian: Former Bohemian prime minister, now the minister of defense. One of the very few politicians who has been able to earn the respect of bohemian people and he is essential in securing smooth cooperation of the alliance with the rest of the local government. Even though the negotiations are mostly never smooth, he makes sure things are done and done legally.   Prince Diya of the Evergreen Court: He is the eyes and ears of the current emperor, speaks very rarely (and only in High Elven), but always to the point. His statements are the will of his monarch, plain and simple. The Evergreen Court provides safe passages and escorts to Whatif and back, and they also dedicated a portion of their army to the cause.   Professor Alistair: Headmaster of Ars Demonica and one of the world's leading expert on anything demonic - which should speak for itself. He also stood at the very beginning of this alliance, despite not trusting these government people a single bit. He personally leads an elite squad of demon hunters called HISS. Besides that, many of his pupils now provide basic training to the troops how to tackle this demonic invasion and be able to actually survive it too.   Dora Ravencroft: The current emissary to the Evergreen Court and a former student of Ars Demonica. She is one of the founding members and despite her magical abilities being heavily impacted by the curse she has been born with, she has proven herself to be a capable asset in the field, especially doing scouting missions or leading rescue parties in the demon plains. She's representing the Scouting branch of the knights.   "Father" Gerolf: Formerly known as the archbishop of the Holy Marilian Church he provides the alliance with knowledge and connections to other powerful members or followers of the church, plus - on the rarer occasions - an access to holy relics. Due to his advanced age, many worry what will happen with this access, if he dies. While he remains secretive and is willing to shed only a little light on the inner workings and secrets of the church, not wanting to damage its sanctity, he did confess to the continuous existence of the inquisition under the truth spell ever present in the meeting room.      

Alliance Structure Overview


Author's Notes

I made a plain text version of this article, for easier reading & wordcount checking here. It should be 2497 words in total including all the "timeline" and "chart" texts.   Curse You is a setting for a book series, so if you feel like this article's information clashes with some of the articles I've made in the past, then you are correct! This alliance is ~ major spoilers ~ territory, but it was so much fun to write, I couldn't find a better candidate for this challenge. If you wanna kick my butt to actually finish those stories that led to ~ this ~ feel free to follow my profile page or this world.   Thanks for reading! :)   All crest images are from Freepik and are properly credited in the file manager. Same goes for the history images which are from Unsplash. They are all placeholders before I finally learn how to draw :D Everything else is made by me.

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