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Please forgive the mess while Culinarypunk undergoes an art update and article refresh!
Welcome to Spooktober! If you're seeing this article, you're one click away from my Spooktober entry! This page was created as a middleman to allow generic article entries for the challenge while also letting me put my content in the article template I want to use. Not all prompts are in Culinarypunk, but I'll be using it as my home base for the event.
Moon Illness
Condition | Oct 3, 2023

  Article. Moon Illness drains its victims, feeding the moon-like entities that orbit Lamneth. It's often too late once signs begin to show and the victim has been seen by the entities.


Eldrispace is a cosmic horror space western module for the Quests & Quarrels TTRPG system. Become brave adventurers traversing the void with your trusty crew. Run cargo, become smugglers, track down eldritch artifacts, and defend your mind against the horrors of deep space.
Skull image created by Amy on Pixabay
Spooktober 2023
Generic article | Nov 20, 2023


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