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Last updated: 30th May 2020

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This is a public test world that uses every single feature of World Anvil.
Use your browser's inspect tool to find parts to customise, or to preview your homemade CSS themes!
For more information on how to do this, please read the Guide to CSS Formatting on the World Anvil Codex.
This world uses many guild-exclusive features. More info on those can also be found in the World Anvil Codex.
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  You can explore this test world however you like by using the table of contents or the search bar.
If you want a big long checklist (with links) to check that you've covered everything, you can check it out here:  
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How To Use This CSS Test World
Generic article | Jun 24, 2020

World Introduction Section

This is the world introduction / vignette section. Most people describe their world here by writing an engaging paragraph or two (like the blurb of a book). In each section of World Anvil I'll give a short description of what you can change, ways you can use it, and things to look out for. The rest of the content will be using Lorem Ipsum to give you an example of how the page might look if it was filled out.  

Text alignment

You can align the text in this section using CSS (by default this is all styled to be centered), but you can also use World Anvil BBCode Tags when writing your world introduction to align your text to left, right, center, or justified.
The example columns below are still within the introduction section and are made using the col3 World Anvil BBCode Tags.  


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam molestie dui eget leo eleifend, ut molestie lorem cursus. Nulla porta, dui at semper consequat, nibh tortor cursus diam, at placerat nisi ex sit amet justo. In mattis sit amet felis sed porta.


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Praesent vitae sapien sem. Morbi eget nisi dolor. Fusce tincidunt, massa et iaculis hendrerit, ante arcu finibus leo, ac semper sapien felis sit amet dui. Sed pharetra nibh ut nisi pharetra malesuada. Duis vitae aliquet turpis. Integer pretium venenatis lectus sit amet placerat. Nullam eget dolor neque.
TJ's Top Tips:
Use this section to introduce your world to a new reader! Keep it short (not like this hot mess) and engaging, show / tell them the genre(s) and theme(s) of your setting, and leave them with a bit of mystery so they're hungry for more! You could even link in a particular article block to show them where to begin their journey.

Homepage custom content sections

Full width column

This section appears below the world introduction section and is full width. If you left the main world introduction section blank, you could use this full width version instead. If you don't want to use the World Master Map setting you can embed a map here. Bear in mind that users can swap the position of their maps, table of contents, and timelines under the display tab on the world config page. These may not always be in the default positions!

Left column

You could put your own custom navigation or articleblocks in here!  
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam molestie dui eget leo eleifend, ut molestie lorem cursus.
— Lorem Ipsum

World Anvil CSS Test has 10 CSS Addicts

Center column


Example Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Description of the campaign goes here.


Right column

  There's room for all kinds of neat things in these columns! Experiment with different ideas until you find what works well for your world.