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  Scripcoin, also known as Loyalty Coins in the parlance, is a digital cryptocurrency issued by a company or corporation. Scripcoins began as speculative loyalty reward programs, but became a common way for companies and corporations alike to pay their employees after the Fall of Nations.
  Most scripcoins can only be exchanged between wallets and stores on the same corporate blockchain.

Forked Scripcoins

I give them a decade, what, a third of my life, and what do I get in return? Debt up to my ears.
  Kuz of fucking kourse rent was on fucking fridays and Korp payout is on saturdays, so when I'm all dry by wednesday, well, gotta take an advance right? Kompany policy though, says I can only get the advance in nuKoin, so, okay, fuckit, I take the nuKoin. Kompany fails on thursday. Now I only have nuKoins to pay rent with and nuKoin's not worth shit after the kompany failed.

  In the early days of scripcoin most companies developed and issued their own cryptocurrency or contracted outside developers to develop one for them. Security flaws and scams were rife. As the Corporate Ecosystems emerged, they offered and later demanded companies within their umbrella use the interal private blockchain for the sake of security. As the blockchains developed, forks were inevitable.
  A fork is a divergent blockchain. The fork can be hard or soft. A hard fork creates an entirely new and seperate blockchain, while a soft fork is compatible with the rules of the parent blockchain and can therefore be accepted into the old chain and maintained alongside it. A fork can happen accidentally, but in the case of forked scripcoins it was intentional to introduce new rules into the blockchain.
  After complaints of labour rights violations and rug pulls most corporations require companies within their corporate ecosystem pay their employees in the corporate scripcoin. However, many of these corporations still allow forked scripcoins to be offered as advances or bonuses.


  Scripcoins are worth little outside of their respective corporate ecosystems, multi-corp stores only accept scripcoin at a fraction of their company-assigned value, usually at 25% for corporate scrip and between 0.05%-5% for company scrip.   A black market of liquidators have emerged, individuals with a wallet in the corporate chain who exchange scrip and/or favours for currencies on other chains.


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2 Feb, 2022 17:47

Well this is an absolutely terrifying look into a possible near future D: Is this going to be a mix of cyberpunk and horror genres? xD   It's really well done though, and I love the way you've taken things that are happening today and taken them to some very logical extremes. Because of COURSE companies would do this kind of thing to make actually paying their employees fairly a thing of the past. D:

Sage nnie
Annie Stein
30 Aug, 2022 16:13

Lets hope it doesn't come to this! I don't quite know what this world will be yet, but horror/cyberpunk is a solid guess.   They would absolutely do this, and have! Scrip is a historical term for company money, which could usually only be spent at the company store. And, of course, the company store sold everything at extorbiant prices, because it's not like you can go anywhere else! Awful.

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
30 Aug, 2022 14:50

Oh goodness, I feeeeel the dystopia here. Nicely written! I love the use of quotes, and this article makes me very intrigued about your world. I wonder if there are any penalities for being caught using the black markets. Might be worth checking the spelling of corporations in the last sentence!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot
Sage nnie
Annie Stein
30 Aug, 2022 16:10

I'm surprised you found this article! I imagine the penalties must be different across the various corps and companies. Best not to get caught, I think.   Thanks for letting me know about the typo!

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