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Session 1: Goodbye home, hello stranger.

General Summary

Leaving home.

In the first session, Peter and his uncle Ben Henry set out from their small farm in Fort Kander in search of a better life. Along the way, they are attacked by goblins and a solitary Bugbear warrior, but manage to defend themselves and continue on their journey. As they near the town of Vaneesh , they hear a loud explosion and rush to the scene, where they find a wealthy inventor named Victor Cauldron and witness two men on horses watching from afar. Victor tells them that he was attacked by bandits when he triggered an explosive defense mechanism that sent him flying away from the blast. Although he seems uninjured, he is unable to walk or feel his legs. Peter and Ben offer to help him get home, and Victor agrees, leading them to the Von'Gloom Estate, a dilapidated mansion where they meet Victor's family: a brass man named Cliff, a kind woman named Rita Faraway, and a man covered in bandages named Gary.   Victor later explains that he is being hunted by an evil force that wants to take and misuse his experimental work, and he offers Peter and Ben 1000 gold coins per week to work for him and protect him. Despite their initial reluctance, the two travelers agree to sign on for one week, drawn in by the lure of such a large sum of money. And so, the adventure begins.   After agreeing to work for Victor, Ben and Peter are sent to purchase a new carriage from Dafayo La'Carrage , a local prestigious carriage dealer. However, when they arrive, they are recognized by the shop workers as the ones who helped the old man at the scene of the exploded carriage. It turns out that Dafayo and his Crimian workers were secretly operating a local racket of roadway robbery for the underguild, under the guild name The Night Spiders s. Assuming that Ben and Peter are in cahoots with the old man who exploded 12 of their comrades, the angry rogues attempt to attack the Henrys, wounding Ben in the process.   In the face of danger, Peter calls on the power of Laydi'wahni "The White Lady" to heal his uncle, causing the Night Spiders to watch in total awe and amazement. Seeing the power of goodness and the possibility of redemption, the Night Spiders decide to change alignment and leave a fruit basket on the steps of Von Gloom Manor with an apologetic card. Ben and Peter's first adventure with Victor is off to a dramatic start, and they begin to wonder what other dangers and challenges they may face in their time working for the inventor.
Report Date
24 Dec 2022


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