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Legends of New Light - Campaign 1

General Summary

This is the retelling of the campaign of New Light that lasted for about a year of real time.   Session 1: Goodbye home, hello stranger.   Session 2: Hixxlr's head.   Session 3: Evil Shed   Session 4: The Magic Gazebo - or - Heroes vs Hororians    Session 5: The Pawns of Pilther.   Session 6: Friends of Faydana.   Session 7: Fateful Resignations.   Session 8: The keeper of Zuu.   Session 9: A death in the family.   Session 10: A New Darkness.   Session 11: Visitors from another world.   Session 12: Tanner's test.   Session 13: The War for Light.   Session 14: Judgment Day.   Session 15: Judgment Day pt2 - Resurrection.   Session 16: The Trial.   Session 17: The Long Darkness.   Session 18: Under the sea.   Session 19:   Session 20: Session 21:
Report Date
12 Nov 2022


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