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Session 2: Hixxlr's head.

General Summary

The party begins the day by waking up in Von Gloom Manor. As they go about their morning routine, they notice a young girl painting in the backyard near the guest house. Victor advises them to leave the girl - named Jade - alone, explaining that she is unhinged and best left to her own devices. After breakfast, Victor assigns the party a task - to retrieve ten glass domes needed for a science project he is working on. He sends them to the town to pick up the domes and instructs them to ensure they are returned undamaged. Peter and Ben agree on the condition that Peter can turn the guest house into a small church for his God. Victor agrees to this and then sends the party off on their mission to obtain the mysterious glass domes.   In town, Ben and Peter decide to take a detour and spend their newly acquired coin by buying a large amount of food and a donkey to carry it. While feeding the homeless and the hungry, they are confronted by a bully named Bob Barker, and Peter intervenes to defend a young boy by knocking Bob out with a clean punch to the jaw, knocking him unconscious. Peter and Ben then retrieve the glass domes and return them to a very satisfied Victor.   Victor then decides to send his family (Cliff, Rita, and Gary) off on a mission to deliver Peter's payment to the church shrines of Fort Kander . While they are gone, Victor begins to drink excessively and insists on going to the Bloodpit, a local bar with a fighting arena. On the 8th day, Victor arrives sober and accompanied by a tall, tattooed Dunderian named Dundoe, and the four of them travel to a tavern (The Moldy Mug) to meet with a group of shady drow.   The drow offer to sell a bag containing a dead, severed drow head in exchange for a briefcase filled with injections that can change an individual's biological sex. During the negotiations, the drow reveal that they plan to kill Victor and his entourage to cover their tracks, and they attack. As the drow attackers pulled out poisonous daggers and prepared to eliminate Victor and his entourage, Cliff the metal man made a dramatic entrance, crashing through the ceiling of the tavern and landing in the midst of the drow attackers. With superhuman strength, Cliff began to pummel and crush the drow assailants, giving Ben and Peter the opportunity to fight for their lives. Meanwhile, Rita hid under the desk and Victor pulled out a pistol of his own invention, blasting six shots into the chest of the drow leader, Dixxlixx, instantly killing him.   Despite their best efforts, Ben was poisoned and on the brink of death, and it seemed like all was lost when the town guard surrounded the building. But then, in a moment of true heroism, a giant dragon made of pure black electricity reached into the hole made by a falling Cliff and rescued the party, flying them to safety. Back at Von Gloom manor, they all sat down to rest and recover as the giant dragon that had rescued them earlier begin to shimmer and change, eventually revealing itself to be none other than Gary.   Amazed and confused, Peter could not make sense of what just transpired but with his uncle poisoned and unconscious, figuring things out would have to wait.
Report Date
24 Dec 2022


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